October 17, 2021

Every day of the year, an article worth reading from the Dutch Wikipedia is summarized on the main page under the heading highlighted. 366 templates are available for this purpose. The cycle is automatically repeated after one year, if no other articles are selected and summarized in the meantime. The highlights are intended to allow visitors to navigate to articles in this way. Wikipedia:Featured/Guidelines contains a proposal for guidelines for the articles to be featured. The article is automatically replaced at midnight (CET/CEST, so Belgian/Dutch time) if the Template:Featured__ page exists. Each month has its own subpage with an overview of the featured articles from that month. This also makes it easy to create and/or edit an article of the day. Highlights from before September 8, 2005 can be found here. Below is an overview of all months and of the 10 past and 10 future articles.PS. If the changes to the templates are not immediately visible on this page: refresh page

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