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January 20, 2022

Øystein Lønn (born 12 April 1936, died 10 January 2022) was a Norwegian author living in Kristiansand. He received a number of prizes for his writing, including the Nordic Council Literature Prize.

Life and work

Lønn made his debut in 1966 with the short story collection The Procession and followed up with the novel The Continents in 1967. He was at that time influenced by the French new novel. The French influence is most evident in the novel Hirtshals, Hirtshals (1975), but can also be seen in The Archaeologists (1971) The story Lu from 1977 marks a difference in Lønn's authorship. It's about a man who has not committed a crime, but thinks he has seen one. Therefore, he must flee. After this, the escape theme becomes prominent in many of Lønn's novels. He started playing with the crime genre already when he wrote Hirtshals, Hirtshals and continued through the 1980s. Lønn spent much of his first years as a writer in Spain, where he also wrote the novel The Road to Cordoba (1981). The main character Blakey travels there to visit a sick friend. During this journey, he is confronted several times with his radical past, and he begins to wonder how and why he has become so compliant. The power of habit and the compulsion of leisurelyness are introduced as a theme, and Lønn will spend the next 20 years thinking about these things. From 1984 to 1991, Lønn published three novels as in a kind of trilogy: Bjanders Reise, Tom Reber's last retreat and Thomas Ribe's fifth case. These three books have all been added to Sørlandet. In 1993 he received the Brage Prize for the short story collection Thrane's method and in 1996 the Nordic Council's literature prize for the short story collection What shall we do today. Unni Straume filmed the title novel in this Thrane's method with Petronella Barker and Bjørn Sundquist in the lead roles in 1998. In 1999 came the novel Maren Gripe's necessary rituals. After the turn of the millennium, Lønn published a new novel trilogy: According to Sofia (2001), Simens Stormer (2003) and Etter Sofia (2010). In these, three, four new characters are introduced who are followed through several novels. Each novel has a new main character, but the supporting characters appear in several of the novels. Salary wrote 14 novels, five short story collections and two plays. He has been translated into fifteen languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Russian and Hindi.



The Continents (1967) Archaeologists (1971) Hirtshals, Hirtshals (1975) Lu (1977) The Road to Cordoba (1981) Bjander's Journey (1984) Tom Reber's Last Retreat (1988) Thomas Ribe's Fifth Case (1991) Maren Gripe's Necessary Rituals (1999) According to Sofia (2001) Simens stormer (2003) After Sofia (2010) Necessary dead ends of escape (2016) Berners datter (2018)

Short story collections

The Procession (1966) History (1973) Olav Angell, Johan Fredrik Grøgaard, Ø. Lønn and Arild Nyquist: Where the bumblebees are buzzing. One in Norway by four of them (1979) Thrane's Method and Other Short Stories (1993) What are we going to do today? and other short stories (1995) Sudden Rural (2006)


What are we going to do today? : an act for four people (1998). (Together with Gerhard Knoop) Quisling. The survey (2005). (Together with Finn Skårderud)


Aust-Agder County Culture Prize 1976; he lived at the time in Evje in Aust-Agder. Gyldendal's Legacy 1988 Doblougprisen 1992 Critics Award 1993, for Thrane's method and other short stories The Brage Prize 1993, for Thrane's method and other short stories Nordic Council Literature Prize 1996, for What are we going to do today and other short stories Vest-Agder County Culture Prize 2009 for his authorship and for his work with Agder Litteraturlag. Sørlandet's literature prize honorary prize 2020, for his great and important authorship.


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