December 8, 2021


Brønnøy church is consecrated. Trondhjem's Technical College is established, a direct precursor to the Norwegian University of Technology January 26 - Virginia re-enters the United States, having held military rule since the end of the Civil War. February 10 - YWCA (YWCA) founded in New York. February 23 - Mississippi re-enters the United States, having held military rule since the end of the Civil War. February 26 - The major German bank Commerzbank AG is established. March 30 - Texas re-enters the United States, having held military rule since the end of the Civil War. April 23 - The camp landslide at Hokstad where a total of seven people died (5 children and 2 adults) May 21 - 92 farms burn down in Drammen. July 19 - Prussia goes to war against France, leading to the creation of the "German Empire" September 2 - Battle of Sedan; the Prussians capture Napoleon III and 100,000 French soldiers. September 4 - Napoleon III of France is overthrown, and what becomes the Third French Republic is created. September 20 - Italian troops enter Rome, completing the unification of Italy. The pope lost his worldly power. October 2 - Rome becomes the capital of Italy. November 25 - The balloon "La Ville d’Orléans" came off course from the siege of Paris and ended up on Lifjell in Telemark. December 28 - Spanish Prime Minister Juan Prim is fatally wounded in an assassination attempt.


First quarter

January 8 - Miguel Primo de Rivera, Spanish dictator (d. 1930) 14. February - Knut Hjalmar Ferdinand Frænkel, Swedish engineer (d. 1897) February 17 - Georgy Gapon, Russian priest and trade union leader (d. 1906) 29. March - Pavlos Melas, Greek officer (d. 1904)

Second quarter

April 22 - Vladimir Lenin, Soviet politician (d. 1924) April 30 - Franz Lehár, Hungarian composer (d. 1948) 2. May - William Joseph Seymour, African American Christian pastor, founder of the Pentecostal movement (d. 1922) 20. June - Georges Dufrénoy, French post-impressionist painter (d. 1943)

Third quarter

July 12 - Louis II of Monaco July 24 - Harry Storer, English football and cricketer (d. 1908) 24. August - Nicolai Hanson, Norwegian zoologist and polar explorer (d. 1899) 24. September - Helmer Hanssen, Norwegian polar explorer (d. 1956) September 26 - Christian X of Denmark

Fourth quarter

December 14 - Karl Renner, Austrian politician (d. 1950)

Unknown date

Agnes Ozman, an American woman, is considered the first to speak in tongues when the Pentecostal movement had its breakthrough. (d. 1937) Henrik Hetle, Norwegian farmer (d. 1906)


March 11 - Moshoeshoe I, Lesotho chief (b. C. 1786) June 9 - Charles Dickens, English author (b. 1812) July 20 - Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, Norwegian author and journalist (b. 1818) October 12 - Robert E. Lee, general in the Southern Army (b. 1807) December 30 - Juan Prim, Prime Minister of Spain

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