December 8, 2021

1936 (MCMXXXVI) in the Gregorian calendar was a leap year that began on a Wednesday.


First quarter

January 18 - The University of Oslo's new buildings on Blindern are inaugurated. January 20 - King George V of Great Britain dies. He is succeeded by Edward VIII. January 24 - Albert Sarraut becomes Prime Minister of France. February 5 - The film Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin premieres in the United States. February 17 - The first Phantom strip is published in American newspapers. February 25 - The British fighter HMS "Hunter" is launched. March 5 - The prototype of the later famous fighter supermarine Spitfire flies for the first time. March 7 - Germany invades the Rhineland, violating the Treaty of Versailles. Exact date not known; Ullern VGS arranged the Ullernrevyen for the first time.

Second quarter

April 1 - Austria reintroduces military service. April 3 - Richard Bruno Hauptmann is executed for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Augustus Lindbergh III, the son of world-famous pilot Charles Lindbergh. April 5 - A tornado kills 233 people in Tupelo, Mississippi. April 6 - A major tornado hits Gainesville, Georgia, USA. 203 people die. May 2 - Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie flees abroad. May 4 - A seaplane route between Bergen and Oslo is opened. The national team for Norwegian Agricultural Clubs, later Norwegian 4H is founded. May 5 - Italian forces occupy Addis Ababa, completing the occupation of Ethiopia. May 9 - Italy annexes Ethiopia. June 16 - Old-age pension law is passed. Everyone over the age of 70 now receives NOK 360 per year. June 16 - The Sea Eagle accident: Norway's largest plane accident to date occurs as the passenger plane Havørn flies into a mountain wall in the Sognefjord. You perish. June 18 - The IRA is declared illegal in the Irish Free State. June 19 - The Workers' Protection Act and the Disability Act are passed. June 26 - Focke-Wulf Fw 61, the world's first controllable helicopter, flies for the first time. June 30 - Haile Selassie asks the League of Nations for help against Italy's invasion of Ethiopia.

Third quarter

July 16 - Law on primary and lower secondary education in town and country is adopted. The school will be 7 years old. In the countryside, teaching is henceforth up to 30 weeks a year, in the cities 38 weeks. Physical punishment is abolished. July 18 - An officer uprising in Morocco begins the Spanish Civil War. July 25 - Bolivar, known as Donald Duck's dog, was "born" on this date. July 31 - Trollstigvegen is opened by King Haakon VII. August 24 - Germany introduces two years of military service. August 26 - Adolf Hitler presents a four-year plan, which, among other things, commands that the army must be "ready for action" within 4 years. August 27 - The Norwegian Veterinary College in Oslo is inaugurated. September 13 - A landslide in Loen requires 74 lives. September 20 - The Norwegian Herring Sales Association is formed by merging the Great Herring Team and the Large and Spring Herring Team.

Fourth quarter

October 19 - The Conservatives first make progress with 6 representatives. The Peasants' Party loses five representatives. Johan Nygaardsvold's government remains in place. November 2 - The BBC launches daily television broadcasts. November 18 - Spanish Civil War: Nationalists proclaim General Francisco Franco head of state. November 5 - Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-elected President of the United States. November 6 - Spanish Civil War: Nationalists begin siege of Madrid. November 18 - Spanish Civil War: Germany and Italy recognize Francisco Franco and his government. November 25 - The Anti-Comintern Pact is concluded between Japan and Germany. December 11 - King Edward VIII of Great Britain abdicates. December 12 - Edward VIII is succeeded by King George VI. December 19 - Leo Trotsky leaves Norway after receiving a renewed residence permit. The last pouch floor dies in captivity at Hobart Zoo.



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