January 26, 2022

1939 (MCMXXXIX) in the Gregorian calendar was a year without a shooting day that began on a Sunday.


First quarter

January 15 - Parts of the current Queen Maud Land in Antarctica become Norwegian biland. January 24 - A magnitude 30,000 earthquake shakes Chile. January 26 - Spanish Civil War: Nationalists conquer Barcelona. February 10 - Japan occupies Hainan and several Chinese port cities. March 2 - Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli is elected pope and named Pius XII. March 15 - German forces occupy the remaining part of Bohemia and Moravia. Czechoslovakia ceases to exist. March 17 - King Haakon VII inaugurates the St. Olav's Medal. March 22 - Germany annexes Memel, Lithuania. March 28 - Spanish Civil War: Nationalists conquer Madrid March 29 - Spanish Civil War: The last Republicans capitulate. Franco's nationalists emerge victorious from the civil war.

Second quarter

April 4 - Faisal II becomes King of Iraq. April 7 - Italy invades Albania. May 12 - The Lottery Act is passed. May 17 - Germany concludes a non-aggression pact with Denmark, Estonia and Latvia. May 22 - Hitler and Mussolini enter into the Steel Pact. June 1 - Oslo Airport Fornebu opens.

Third quarter

August 2 - Albert Einstein writes to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt about the possibility of developing a nuclear bomb. August 23 - Germany and Soviet Union conclude a non-aggression pact. August 25 - Extensive air defense drills begin. August 25 - Britain and Poland sign a defense agreement. August 27 - Total blackout of Oslo as part of ongoing air defense exercises. August 27 - The world's first turbojet-powered aircraft, the Heinkel He 178, takes to the wings. September 1 - Invasion of Poland: Germany invades Poland. September 2 - Petrol rationing and a ban on private driving are introduced. September 3 - France, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany. September 3 - St. Torfinn's church in Hamar is consecrated. September 10 - HSE "Oxley" was sunk south of Skudeneshavn by another British submarine. September 14 - Japanese forces in China fight back at Changsha. September 16 - Soviet Union invades Poland. September 28 - Poland capitulates. Germany and the Soviet Union divide the country between them. September 30 - A Polish government-in-exile is established in Paris.

Fourth quarter

October 3 - US declares neutrality in conflict with Europe. October 10 - Sudetenland is transferred to Germany. October 20 - "SS City of Flint", a hijacked American ship with German prize crew and British prisoners of war on board arrives in Tromsø. The ship is expelled from Norwegian territorial waters. October 30 - "SS City of Flint" returns to Tromsø after being interned, then released to the prize crew, in Murmansk. The ship receives a sailing permit to the south under the escort of Norwegian warships. November 3 - SS City of Flint calls at Haugesund without permission. Norwegian authorities take control of the ship, release it and detain the German prize crew. November 15 - Japanese forces invade southern China. November 18 - The Phantom is published for the first time in Norway, in Aftenposten's A-magazine. November 30 - Winter War: Soviet Union invades Finland.

Unknown date

- Time Magazine names Josef Stalin «Person of the Year».



1. - Lars Oftedal Broch, Norwegian Supreme Court Judge (d. 2017) 2. - Fai-Nan Perng, Chinese central bank governor 3. - Bobby Hull, Canadian ice hockey player 8. - Laila Kaland, Norwegian politician (d. 2007) 10. - Scott McKenzie, American singer (d. 2012) 11. - Anne Heggtveit, Canadian alpinist 12. - Dagfinn Ripnes, Norwegian mayor 13. - Norbert Geis, German politician 13. - Guri Vesaas, Norwegian editor 16. - Kiki Sørum, Norwegian journalist, editor and author (d. 2009) 19. - Phil Everly, American musician (d. 2014) 20. - Philip

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