December 8, 2021

1942 (MCMXLII) in the Gregorian calendar was a year without a shooting day that began on a Thursday. It followed in 1941 and was followed by 1943.


First quarter


January 1st - 26 governments, including the Norwegian government in exile in the United Kingdom, sign the United Nations Declaration in which they undertake to throw their full resources into the fight against the Axis powers. The 26 signatory states constitute what are later commonly referred to as "the allies". In Norway, the NKP formulates its new resistance policy with "active resistance", ie sabotage and partisan warfare. January 2 - Japanese forces capture Manila. January 6 - Pan American Airlines becomes the first commercial airline to fly around the world. January 11 - Japan declares war on the Netherlands and lands forces on Dutch Borneo. Japanese forces capture Kuala Lumpur. January 13 - Henry Ford patents a "plastic car" that is 30% lighter than a regular car. January 15 - During a conference in Rio de Janeiro, all US countries decide to declare war on the Axis powers. January 20 - Wannsee Conference: German authorities are planning "the final solution", the extermination of Europe's Jews. In Norway, the Nazi authorities announce that all Norwegian Jews' passports must be stamped "J". January 25 - Thailand declares war on United States and Britain. January 26 - The first US forces reach Europe and land in Northern Ireland. January 28 - Armored Corps Africa, led by Rommel, conquers Benghazi.


1st of February - In Norway, Vidkun Quisling is installed by the so-called State Act at Akershus Fortress as Prime Minister of a "government" approved by the German occupiers. In Norway, Østbanestasjonen and Vestbanestasjonen in Oslo are sabotaged. February 5 - In Norway, the Quisling government adopts the National Youth Service Act and the Norwegian Teachers' Union Act. February 6 - In Britain, Wilhelm von Tangen Hansteen becomes head of Norway's newly established Armed Forces High Command. February 9 - US military leaders have the first formal meeting regarding the country's strategy in the war. Daylight saving time is being introduced in the United States. February 11 - Japanese forces capture the important Bukit Timah ridge in Singapore and are one step closer to gaining control of the island. February 12 - Quisling meets Hitler. February 15 - Japanese forces capture Singapore. February 19 - About 150 Japanese warplanes attack Darwin, Australia. February 20 - In Norway, 12,000 of the country's 14,000 teachers sign a declaration refusing to contribute to the Nazism of the country's youth. The Quisling government's laws of February 5 provided for. February 22 - In Ålesund, the Gestapo strikes at English shipping, after an export organization has been infiltrated by the Rinnan gang. 50 are arrested. US President Franklin D. Roosevelt orders General Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as the US military collapses. February 24 - In Norway, the country's bishops resign their offices and refuse to "participate in an administration that ... without a trace of ecclesiastical grounds violates the congregation and even inflicts injustice on violence". February 26 - It is forbidden to wear a red top hat in Norway. February 27 - USS "Langley", the United States' first aircraft carrier, is sunk by Japanese warplanes.


March 5 - Parental reaction to the Quisling government's youth service in Norway. The church ministry receives about 250,000 protest letters. March 8 - The last Dutch forces in Indonesia capitulate to the Japanese. Japanese forces conquer Rangoon, Burma. March 13 - Quisling reintroduces the so-called "Jewish clause," the section of Article 2 of the Constitution that forbade Jews from entering the kingdom (abolished July 21, 1851). March 14 - Public dance events are banned in Norway. March 15 - The coastal cruise ship DS "Galtesund" is hijacked by people from Kompani Linge outside Jøssingfjord and taken to Scotland. March 20 - 1100 teachers are arrested in Norway

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