October 17, 2021

1947 (MCMXLVII) in the Gregorian calendar was a year without a shooting day that began on a Wednesday. It followed in 1946 and was followed by 1948.


The chocolate Japp from Freia is launched.

First quarter

January 10 - Soviet Union demands permission to establish military bases on Svalbard January 18 - The liner "Pento" sinks at Nygrunnen. You die. February 4 - Finland transfers 180 meters of its territory in the Pasvik Valley to the Soviet Union. February 23 - International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is founded. February 28 - A riot breaks out in Taiwan. Many people lose their lives. March 3 - The Soviet Union's demands for bases on Svalbard are rejected by the Storting March 12 - The Truman Doctrine: President Harry S. Truman declares that the United States will support all countries that are threatened with takeover by "domestic minorities or foreign states." The statement is intended to stagnate the growth of communism. Norwegian sheep and goat team is founded.

Second quarter

April 5 - The Storting approves the development of the Aura power plant. April 9 - Several tornadoes kill 181 people and injure 970 in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. April 28 - Thor Heyerdahl and five crew members set sail on the fleet "Kon-Tiki" to prove that Peruvian natives may have inhabited Polynesia. May 1 - The Storting recognizes May 1 as a public holiday May 10 - Cunard Line acquires White Star Line May 22 - Cold War: In an effort to stop communism, US President Harry S. Truman signed a declaration that later became known as the Truman Doctrine. June 10 - SAAB produces its first car.

Third quarter

July 1 - Sales tax is reduced from 10% to 6.25% July 20 - The Snorre monument over Snorre Sturlason was unveiled at Reykholt in Iceland. July 28 - The Norwegian cargo ship DS Ocean Liberty explodes in the French port city of Brest. About 20 people are killed and several hundred injured. August 15 - India becomes independent, Pakistan is ousted. August 28 - The Kvitbjørn accident at Lødingen. 35 people die in a plane crash.

Fourth quarter

October 3 - Wage freeze is introduced October 14 - Chuck Yeager was the first to fly faster than sound when he broke the sound barrier with the Bell X-1 and reached a speed of Mach 1.06. October 28 - The Norwegian motor cutter "Rein II" disappears in the Kattegat. Three perish. November 7 - A law on three weeks' holiday is passed November 29 - Nortraship's secret fund: Norwegian seafarers demand payment of the rent that was locked in the fund during the war November 30 - The Palestinian Civil War begins December 16 - Knut Hamsun in court The first transistor is made by the trio William Bradford Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain at the Bell Laboratory



2. - Hans Gjeisar Kjæstad, Norwegian politician 2. - Alexander Tikhonov, Soviet biathlete 3. - Sverre Ødegaard, Norwegian cultural conservationist (d. 2002) 8. - David Bowie, British musician (d. 2016) 8. - Samuel Schmid, Swiss politician 10. - Peer Steinbrück, German Politician and Minister of Finance 11. - Carry Geijssen, Dutch figure skater 15. - Erling Pedersen, Norwegian author 15. - Audun Frode Ringkjøb, Norwegian musician and organist 16. - Harald Stabell, Norwegian lawyer (d. 2018) 19. - Arnfinn Vigrestad, Norwegian mayor 19. - Frank Aarebrot, Norwegian professor of comparative politics (d. 2017) 20. - Dag Jostein Fjærvoll, Norwegian politician and minister (d. 2021) 21. - Rebiya Kadeer, Chinese activist 22. - Afeni Shakur, American activist (d. 2016) 24. - Øystein Sunde, Norwegian singer 27. - Björn Afzelius, Swedish musician (d. 1999) 29. - Linda B. Buck, American biologist 30. - Liv Marie Austrem, Norwegian author


2. - Farrah Fawcett, American actor (d. 2009) 3. - Paul Auster, American author 4. - Dan Quayle, American Vice President

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