July 6, 2022

1951 (MCMLI) in the Gregorian calendar was a year without a shooting day that began on a Monday. It followed in 1950 and was followed by 1952.



First quarter

January 4 - Korean War: Chinese and North Korean forces take control of Seoul. January 9 - New York City opens headquarters in New York City January 15 - Ilse Koch, the wife of the commander of the Buchenwald concentration camp, is sentenced to life in prison for murder committed during World War II. January 17 - Korean War: Chinese and North Korean forces occupy Seoul. January 20 - Avalanches in the Alps. 240 died and 45,000 buried in Switzerland, Austria and Italy. February 2 - Scientists in Copenhagen demonstrate against the poor conditions of science in Denmark. February 8 - The SAS agreement is signed. February 12 - The Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza, marries. February 18 - Crash strikes in Central Europe. February 27 - US Constitutional Amendment. After this, no president can sit for more than 10 years. March 5 - Important meeting of great powers in Paris regarding the serious world situation. March 7 - Korean War: US forces, led by General Matthew Ridgeway, attack Chinese forces. March 10 - Henri Queuille becomes Prime Minister of France. March 11 - The Danish hospital ship "Jutlandia" arrived in Korea after a voyage that had stretched across half the globe. March 12 - * 300,000 strikes in Barcelona in protest of rising food prices. * The cartoon Dennis is published in newspapers all over the United States. March 14 - UN forces recapture Seoul for the second time. March 31 - US forces cross the 38th parallel and enter North Korea. March 29 - In the United States, Julius Rosenberg and his wife Ethel are found guilty of espionage in favor of the Soviet Union.

Second quarter

April 5 - Punishment in the case against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Both are sentenced to death. April 11 - Mac Arthur is fired as leader of the UN forces in Korea. Matthew Ridgway is appointed his successor with immediate effect. April 14 - Violent floods in southern and western Sweden. April 17 - The English submarine "Affray" disappears without a trace in the English Channel with a crew of 75 men. April 24 - American actress Rita Hayworth is divorced from Prince Ali Khan. May 3 - Festival of Britain opens. May 6 - King Faruk of Egypt marries 17-year-old Narriman Sadek. May 13 - Earthquake in the city of Jucapa in El Salvador. June 18 - UN General Assembly in Paris. June 19 - Boxer Joe Louis makes a comeback.

Third quarter

July 1 - North Korea calls for ceasefire talks. July 1 - New counting method introduced (from twenty-seven to twenty-seven). July 19 - The first Miss World competition is held in London and Swedish Kerstin Håkansson is named Miss World. July 20 - 69-year-old King Abdullah of Jordan is assassinated. August 16 - Violent floods in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. August 24 - Female tobacco workers protest in Denmark. September 8 - Representatives from 48 countries gather in San Francisco to sign the peace treaty with Japan. September 21 - A non-commissioned officer in the Swedish Navy, Ernst Hilding Andersson, is arrested for espionage in favor of the Soviet Union. September 21 - 12 people are killed when the express train between Liverpool and London derails.

Fourth quarter

October 6 - Joseph Stalin announces that the Soviet Union has detonated its first atomic bomb. November 2 - 6,000 British troops are flown to the canal zone in Egypt. December 24 - Libya becomes an independent state.


January 1 - Agnes Vold becomes the first woman in Norway to be authorized to administer the sacraments. January 5 - Norway's first scouting course. January 7 - Cargo vessel "Monty" is traveling from Herøya to Trondheim with fertilizer as it leaks, capsizes and sinks outside Torungen lighthouse at Arenda