May 22, 2022

1955 (MCMLV) in the Gregorian calendar was a year without a shooting day that began on a Saturday.



January 2 - Panama's president, Jose Antonio Remon, is assassinated. February 8 - Soviet Prime Minister Georgy Malenkov resigns. He is followed by Nikolaj Bulganin. February 13 - Israel finds 4 of the seven Dead Sea Scrolls. February 17 - Christian Pineau becomes Prime Minister of France. February 23 - Edgar Faure becomes Prime Minister of France. March 3 - Elvis Presley appears on TV for the first time. April 5 - Winston Churchill resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. April 7 - Anthony Eden becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. May 5 - West Germany gets full autonomy. May 9 - West Germany becomes a NATO member. May 14 - The Warsaw Pact Military Alliance is signed (formally dissolved in 1991). July 18 - The world's first civilian nuclear power plant in the state of New York, USA. August 6 - 25 people, including ten Norwegian women, die in the Voronezh accident, a plane crash in the Soviet Union. September 5 - Major floods in Asia. October 6 - * A DC-4 crash in Wyoming, USA, 66 people died. * Return of German prisoners of war from the Soviet Union begins. November 29 - Soviet Union detonates its first hydrogen bomb December 1 - Rosa Parks refuses to move when she sits in the white section of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. December 14 - Albania and Bulgaria join the UN.


January 14 - Prime Minister Oscar Torp resigns. January 19 - The liner "Anker" disappears. Three perish. January 22 - Einar Gerhardsen forms a new government. February 24 - Three-week strike in NRK starts. March 10 - The motor cutter "Stortind" disappears outside Finnmark. Two perish. March 30 - Cargo vessel "Anna Alida" sinks off Berlevåg with a weight load. The entire crew of five perishes. April 25 - Norwegian Ironworks in Mo i Rana starts production. July 3 - Bryggen in Bergen burns. July 25 - There is a fire in the engine room of the sniper "Risfjord" outside Magerøya. Three perish. September 1 - electricity rationing in Eastern Norway. September 11 - The Norwegian Farmers' Association declares a two-day milk strike in protest of the government's pricing policy. October 2 - The American line's passenger ship "Stavangerfjord" collides with the cargo vessel "Varstein" from Mosterhamn in the entrance to Kristiansand. "Varstein" goes down and one dies. October 14 - Flesland Airport opens. November 7 - The British side trawler "Stella Orion" hits ground and sinks at Skarholmen lighthouse in the Westfjord. All 19 on board are salvaged. November 25 - Southern Norway is paralyzed by a two-week transport workers' strike. December 3 - Osvald Harjo returns to Norway after 13 years in Soviet prison camps. December 4 - A lobster boat goes down at Håsteinene outside Stavanger. One perishes. December 23 - The British side trawler "Prince Charles" hits ground in Sørøysundet in Finnmark. Ten perish. The trawler will be raised and rebuilt the following year.

Unknown date

Nedre Røssåga power plant is put into operation. The power plant was planned to supply power to the Norwegian Ironworks.



4. - Brother Yngve Rahm, Norwegian politician 4. - Wolfgang Tiefensee, German Politician 6. - Rowan Atkinson, British comedian and actor 6. - Inge Staldvik, Norwegian politician 10. - Yasmina Khadra, Algerian author 16. - Geir Sverre Braut, Norwegian doctor 18. - Kevin Costner, American actor 18. - Marilyn Mazur, Danish jazz musician 18. - Erik Solheim, Norwegian politician 20. - Ingjerd Schou, Norwegian politician 26. - Eddie Van Halen, American musician (d. 2020) 27. - John Roberts, American judge 28. - Nicolas Sarkozy, French Politician 29. - John Tate, American boxer (d. 1998)


1. - Fartein Horgar, Norwegian author 2. - Steinar Kyrvestad, Norwegian mayor 4. - Mikuláš Dzurinda, Prime Minister of Slovakia 8. - Joh