January 20, 2022

1957 (MCMLVII) in the Gregorian calendar was a year without a shooting day that began on a Tuesday.



First half year

January 3 - Hamilton Watch Company introduces the first electronic watch. January 10 - Harold Macmillan becomes British Prime Minister. March 6 - Ghana becomes independent (from UK) March 8 - Egypt reopens Suez Canal. Ghana becomes a member of the UN. March 13 - The FBI arrests Jimmy Hoffa and accuses him of bribery. March 25 - The European Economic Community (EEC) is formed by representatives of 6 countries signing the Treaty of Rome. April 10 - The Suez Canal is reopened to traffic after being closed for three months. May 15 - Britain detonates its first hydrogen bomb. June 27 - Hurricane Audrey kills 500 people in Louisiana and Texas.

Second half year

July 18 - The Situationist International is formed in the Italian village of Cosio d'Arroscia. August 31 - Malaysia gains independence from Britain October 4 - The Soviet Union launches the first man-made satellite, Sputnik 1 October 10 - A fire at the Windscale nuclear power plant, Britain's first nuclear reactor, comes close to creating a nuclear disaster. November 3 - Soviet Union launches Sputnik 2 with Laika on board December 13 - Earthquake in Iran

No date

The so-called Vinlandskartet appears in a bookstore in Geneva, and is said to be from around 1434, 60 years before Christopher Columbus. The map later turns out to be a forgery. Anton Jervell and Fred Lange-Nielsen published their article on Jervell and Lange-Nielsen's syndrome in the American Heart Journal.


January 10 - Agreement between LO and NAF on unemployment benefits during illness. January 26 - Snurper "Yukon" from Ålesund is finished loading on the large herring field west of Harøyfallene and ready to go ashore, when it is surprised by a storm and broken down by breakwater. The crew saves themselves in the dories. January 31 - Noratom is created. February 4 - Snurper "Alken" from Stavanger sinks during herring fishing in Dragsvika by Måløy when the longship bulkhead fails. The crew of 20 is rescued by snurps «Drivenes». February 5 - Smaller homes are exempted from applying for a building permit March 16 - Kongsberg Sølvverk closes operations March 21 - The Soviet Union threatens in a note with the use of nuclear weapons if foreign military bases are established in Norway April 6 - A boat capsizes off Magerøya. One perishes. April 29 - Agnar Mykle and director Harald Grieg of Gyldendal Norsk Forlag are charged with "publishing adulterous writings" in connection with. the release of Mykle's novel The Song of the Red Ruby May 11 - Imported copies of Henry Miller's novel Sexus are seized May 30 - Snurper "Sivert Maan" drives on two dories. One perishes. June 5 - Cargo vessel "Ueland" from Storfosna is traveling Honningsvåg-Ålesund with fish and cod liver oil then sinks after a collision with Hurtigruten ship "Sigurd Jarl" in Stigfjorden by Lurøy. 1 man dies. June 14 - The Sulitjelma line is extended to Finneid and H.K.H Crown Prince Regent Olav makes the solemn opening. June 25 - The Storting decides to introduce television in Norway from 1960 September 21 - King Haakon VII dies, and Crown Prince Olav takes over as King of Norway October 7 - In the parliamentary elections, the Labor Party retains a clear majority October 13 - The Norwegian Association for the Deafblind is established December 16 - During a NATO meeting in Paris, Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen declares that Norway will not allow nuclear weapons or foreign bases on Norwegian soil



5. - Torbjørn Andersen, Norwegian politician 6. - Ljudmila Putina, Russian First Lady 7. - Katie Couric, American journalist 9. - Kari Hotakainen, Finnish author 11. - Bryan Robson, English footballer 12. - Merete Berg Toreg, Norwegian graphic designer 13. - Mark O'Meara, American golfer 14. - Ove Varlid, no

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