October 17, 2021

1962 (MCMLXII) in the Gregorian calendar was a year without a shooting day that began on a Monday.



First half year

January 4 - New York launches an unattended train. January 11 - Peruvian Huascarán volcano erupts. More than 4,000 die. February 5 - French President Charles de Gaulle says he is ready to grant Algeria independence. February 17 - Tidal wave on the West German North Sea coast. 500 die, 40,000 become homeless February 20 - John Glenn completes the United States' first manned spaceflight. March 2 - Army, led by General Ne Win, seizes power in Burma. March 19th - Ceasefire between France and Algeria. Bob Dylan releases his first album Bob Dylan. March 26 - "PURSC" (Partido Unido de la Revolución Socialista de Cuba / The United Party for the Cuban Socialist Revolution) is formed. March 29 - European Launcher Development Organization (ELDO) is created. April 1 - Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm opens. April 14 - Georges Pompidou becomes Prime Minister of France. June 1 - Adolf Eichmann is executed by hanging in Israel after being convicted of crimes against humanity the year before. June 3 - 130 people die when an Air France Boeing 707 crashes shortly after departure from Orly airport in Paris.

Second half year

July 1st - Burundi and Rwanda become independent July 5 - Algeria becomes independent Flooding in southern China July 10 - US launches the world's first telecommunications satellite, Telstar July 18 - Military coup in Peru August 6 - Jamaica becomes independent September 1 - Earthquake in Iran. 20,000 die. September 26 - Floods in Spain. 8,000 die. September 27 - Yemeni military coup October 9 - Uganda becomes independent October 14 - Cuba crisis: US spy planes photograph Soviet rocket silos in Cuba October 22 - Cuba crisis: US launches military blockade of Cuba October 24 - Cuba crisis: The crisis reaches its peak, when Soviet vessels heading for the blockade zone turn around at the last minute. October 25 - Nelson Mandela is sentenced to 5 years in prison for illegal travel abroad and incitement to strike. October 26 - The Cuba crisis: The Soviet Union offers to withdraw the nuclear missiles from Cuba Chinese forces cross the border into India. India introduces state of emergency. November 4 - Yemen and Egypt attack Saudi Arabia November 20 - The Cuba blockade is lifted. Armistice India-ChinaInternet: The vision of an "intergalactic network" - a worldwide network of computers where anyone could quickly access data and programs from anywhere - was created by J.C.R. Licklider, Head of the Information Processing Techniques Office at ARPA Monaco gets new constitution

Norsk historie

January 1 - The districts Hegra, Stjørdal, Lånke and Skatval are merged into Stjørdal municipality. February 2 - The net boat "Nordbakken" is hit by a breakwater in the entrance to Værøy. Six perished. March 8 - The Storting adopts Article 93 of the Norwegian Constitution, which gives the Storting the right to transfer state authority to supranational bodies provided for a three-quarters majority. June 7 - Bodø station and the Nordlandsbanen to Bodø are officially opened by King Olav. August 18 - The first rocket, Ferdinand I, is launched from Andøya Rocket Firing Range. September 1 - Setesdalsbanen is closed. September 11 - The Tryvann tower is inaugurated. September 14 - Large clay landslide in Skjelstadmark in Stjørdal. October 21 - Stavanger's Hurtigruten ship "Sanct Svithun" goes in a northbound Hurtigruten, dramatically derails on Folla and crashes and sinks at Nordøyan lighthouse. 41 perish while 48 are rescued. November 5 - The mining accident in Kongsfjord on Svalbard which later leads to the Kings Bay case. 21 perish. The newspaper Dag og Tid is started. Rondane National Park, Norway's first national park, is established. November 1 - Bergen cargo ship «Capella» e

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