August 13, 2022

1965 (MCMLXV) in the Gregorian calendar was a leap year that began on a Friday.



First quarter

January 14 – Vietnam War: US bombing raids in Laos. The purpose is to destroy FNL's supply lines. January 26 – Hindi becomes the official language of India. February 1 - Martin Luther King Jr. and 300 other civil rights activists are arrested in Alabama, USA February 7 – Vietnam War: American planes bomb Dong Hoi in North Vietnam February 9 – Vietnam War: The first US forces are sent to South Vietnam. 18 February - The Gambia becomes independent with Dawda Jawara as Prime Minister. February 21 - Malcolm X is killed in an assassination attempt in New York. March 2 - Vietnam War: The United States begins regular hostilities against North Vietnam with massive bombing of military targets March 8 – Vietnam War: 3,500 US Marines arrive in South Vietnam, becoming the first US ground forces in Vietnam. 18 March – Soviet cosmonaut Aleksej Leonov is the first to walk in space March 21 – Martin Luther King Jr. civil rights march begins in Alabama. 22 March - Vietnam War: The US uses chemical warfare agents in Vietnam for the first time March 23 – Gemini 3 launches from the John F. Kennedy Space Center March 28 - Vietnam War: China promises assistance to North Vietnam in the fight against the United States March 30 – Vietnam War: A car bomb explodes at the American Embassy in Saigon. 22 people are killed and 183 injured.

Second Quarter

April 11 – Vietnam War: The United States lands 1,400 Marines in Vietnam 23 April – The radio program Ti i skuðet was broadcast for the first time. 2 May – The first commercial communications satellite, Early Bird, becomes operational May 10 – Vietnam War: The FNL captures the provincial capital of Song Be in South Vietnam May 12 – Cyclone ravages East Pakistan. 12,000 perish, more than 5 million homeless May 26 – In the United States, the Senate passes suffrage for all citizens, regardless of race June 3 – Edward White becomes the first American astronaut to walk in space, exiting the Gemini 4 spacecraft 5 June – The first Festivals in Northern Norway are opened.

Second semester

July 15 – The US space probe Mariner IV passes by Mars. 16 July – After 6 years of work, the 11.6 km long Mont Blanc tunnel between France and Italy is opened. 26 July – The Maldives becomes independent July 28 – Vietnam War: US President Lyndon B. Johnson declares that the US will build up its forces in Vietnam to 125,000 men August 11 – Race riots in Los Angeles, USA. Over the next six days, 34 die September 6 – Pakistan declares war on India September 7 – India bombs targets in Pakistan September 22 – Pakistan-India ceasefire November 8 – Great Britain abolishes the death penalty November 18 – Vietnam War: The Battle of Ia Drang ends – first major engagement between North Vietnam and the United States. 25 November – Military coup in the Congo 11 November – Rhodesia declares independence from Great Britain (recognised as Zimbabwe 1980). 15 December – Another cyclone hits East Pakistan. 10,000 perish


31 January - Fishing vessel "Boye Nilsen" was on its way from Myre to the fishing grounds on Svensgrunnen when it disappeared on Fugløybanken outside Troms. 14 perish. 4 February – 1 April – The Grenade Man spreads fear in Oslo. On 10 March the dividing line agreement between Norway and Great Britain signed 19 March – The Storting adopts the "act on exemption from military service for reasons of conviction" (military refusal act) 5 June – The first Festivals in Northern Norway open in Harstad 21 June – The Storting passes the National Pension Act 23 July – The Trollveggen was climbed for the first time when a Norwegian climbing team consisting of Leif-Norman Patterson, Ole Daniel Enersen, Jon Teigland and Odd Eliassen reached the summit. 3 August – A painting by Kjartan Slettemark with sting against