May 22, 2022

1970 (MCMLXX) in the Gregorian calendar was a year without a shooting day that began on a Thursday.


First quarter

January 12 - Biafra capitulates, marking the end of the Nigerian civil war. January 14 - Eisaku Sato is elected to his third term as Prime Minister of Japan. January 15 - After a 32-month war for independence, Biafra surrenders to Nigeria. Muammar al-Gaddafi becomes Libyan head of state. February 21 - The entire crew of nine, as well as 38 passengers, are killed when a Swissair explodes near Zurich, Switzerland. March 17 - "My Lai Massacre": 14 American soldiers are charged with withholding information in connection with. the massacre. March 31 - Eight Japanese terrorists equipped with samurai swords and a bomb hijack a Japan Airlines Boeing 727 in Tokyo.

Second quarter

April 6 - Work on a Nordic economic common area (NORDØK) breaks down. April 11 - Apollo program: Apollo 13 is launched. April 17 - Apollo program: Apollo 13 returns to Earth after a mission that almost resulted in a disaster. May 14 - Rote Armee Fraktion (RAF) is founded. June 9 - Jordan's King Hussein survives an assassination attempt. June 25 - The Storting decides that Norway will enter into negotiations on membership of the EC.

Third quarter

August 29 - The prototype of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 flies for the first time. The wood species Szaferibjørk is dying out in Poland.

Fourth quarter

October 10 - Fiji declares independence from Britain 12.-13. November - The deadliest cyclone of all time hits present-day Bangladesh, killing 300,000-500,000 people.

Norsk historie

January 1 - A 20% VAT ("VAT") replaces the previous sales tax (turnover) of 13.64%. January 13 - The purse seine "Trønderbas" leaks and sinks while fishing in the North Sea 12 nm west of Lista. One person dies. January 22 - The price freeze from September 26, 1969 is lifted. February 6 - Upper Pasvik National Park is established. February 16 - Jøsenfjord Rutelag's local scheduled boat "Fisterfjord" spends the night at Foreneset in Ryfylke when a fire breaks out and the boat is completely damaged. The crew saves themselves ashore. February 17 - A new private school law that ensures schools public subsidies is passed. March 17 - Student strike at the University of Oslo with demands for VAT compensation and increased student loans. March 18 - Student strike at the University of Bergen. April 6 - The Norwegian gas strike starts in Oslo. April 6 - Work on a Nordic economic common area (NORDØK) breaks down. April 27 - Oil company Phillips Petroleum makes a new discovery (Ekofisk field) in the North Sea. May 7 - The Norwegian Home Front Museum opens in Oslo. May 12 - Bergen celebrates its 900th anniversary. May 17 - Thor Heyerdahl starts his journey with the reed boat Ra II. June 2 - The Saudi strike begins, lasting almost five weeks. June 12 - The shrimp trawler "Veiflu" disappears in the North Sea, two people die. June 19 - The Nature Conservation Act is passed. June 20 - Norwegian heat record: 35.6 ° C at Nesbyen in Buskerud. June 25 - The Storting decides that Norway will enter into negotiations on membership of the EC. June 30 - Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget by Kristiansund opens. July 12 - Ra II arrives in Barbados July 27 - The Mardøla campaign: Activists set up tent camps in the route for the construction road for the planned development of the Mardøla watercourse. July 31 - The Mardøla campaign: A license is granted for the development of the Mardøla watercourse. The police give the activists fines and orders to leave, but the tent camp continues to grow. August 5 - Mardøla campaign: Mardøla's landowners decide to sue the state. August 6 - The Mardøla campaign: Local residents go on a counter-action and give the conservationists an ultimatum to leave. The counter-activists are heard. September 10 - Seisnurperen «Jøviktind» disappears at Sørøya in Finnmark, seven people die. September 20 - Vulkan-utb