January 20, 2022

1972 (MCMLXXII) in the Gregorian calendar was a leap year that began on a Saturday.


Internet: Electronic mail was introduced on ARPANET. The @ sign was introduced as "at" in the email addresses. ARPA launches the Internet program. The need to connect several networks based on different technologies (telecom, radio, satellite) created a need for an overarching network architecture "open-architecture networking". The development of TCP / IP was started. The UNESCO Convention for the Protection of the World's Cultural and Natural Heritage is adopted.

First quarter

January 5 - US President Richard Nixon launches the space shuttle program. January 9 - RMS "Queen Elizabeth" burns and sinks in Hong Kong harbor. January 11 - East Pakistan secedes and changes name to Bangladesh. January 13 - Ghanaian military coup. January 14 - King Frederik IX of Denmark dies. He is succeeded by Queen Margrethe II. January 24 - Shoichi Yokoi, a World War II Japanese soldier, is found in Guam. He had been hiding there since 1944, when Allied forces recaptured the island from the Japanese. January 30 - 14 peaceful protesters are shot dead by the British military during the Bloody Sunday massacre in Bogside Northern Ireland. January 30 - Pakistan leaves the Commonwealth of Nations. February 15 - Cod War: Iceland announces that the country's fishing border will be expanded from 12 to 50 nautical miles from September 1. February 17 - Ping Pong Diplomacy: US President Richard Nixon travels to the People's Republic of China. Sales of the "Bobla" exceed sales of the Ford Model T. February 21 - The Soviet unmanned spacecraft Luna 20 lands on the Moon. March 2 - The Pioneer 10 spacecraft is launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida. The spacecraft's mission will be to explore the outermost planets. March 10 - Cambodian coup. March 19 - India and Bangladesh sign a friendship pact.

Second quarter


April 2 - Charlie Chaplin returns to the United States for the first time after being branded a communist in the early 1950s. April 16 - Launch of Apollo 16. April 21 - Apollo 16 lands on the Moon. April 29 - Civil war between Hutus and Tutsis in Burundi April 30 - Britain takes direct control of Northern Ireland.


May 2 - Vietnam War: Secret talks between US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and North Vietnamese diplomat Le Duc Tho in Paris May 9 - Vietnam War: Nixon orders complete blockade of North Vietnam Israeli commando soldiers storm a hijacked Boeing plane from the company Sabena at the airport in Tel Aviv. Two hijackers are killed, two are captured. 6 passengers are injured in the fights on board the plane. May 22 - Ceylon approves a new constitution, changing its name to Sri Lanka. May 24 - The Red Army Faction (RAF) terror bombs the U.S. Army's headquarters in Europe, located in Heidelberg. Three soldiers are killed. May 26 - Richard Nixon and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev sign the SALT agreement on the limitation of strategic nuclear weapons.


June 1 - RAF leader Andreas Baader is arrested in Frankfurt June 15 - Okinawa and 72 other US-occupied islands are formally returned to Japan June 16 - RAF leader Ulrike Meinhof is arrested in Langenhagen June 19 - Ping Pong diplomacy: Henry Kissinger visits Beijing

Third quarter

August 5 - Uganda's President Idi Amin orders that all Asians with British passports must leave the country within three months. August 10 - Meteorite US19720810 passes Earth at a distance of 57 km August 17 - Cod war: The International Court of Justice in The Hague refuses Iceland to expand the fishing border September 1 - Cod War: Iceland extends fishing limit to 50 nautical miles. September 5 - Munich massacre: Black September terrorists take Israeli Olympic troops hostage in Munich. 11 Israelis, 2 German policemen and 5 of the terrorists are killed. 8.

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