May 22, 2022

1998 (MCMXCVIII) in the Gregorian calendar was a year without a shooting day that began on a Thursday. Stockholm was elected European Capital of Culture for 1998.



January 2 - Russia launches new rubles to stem inflation in the country. January 6 - The Lunar Prospector spacecraft is launched into orbit around the Moon and later finds evidence of ice on the Moon's surface. January 12 - 19 European nations agree to ban human cloning. January 14 - An Afghan cargo plane crashes in southwestern Pakistan, killing more than 50 people. Researchers in Dallas, Texas announce that they have found an enzyme that slows down the aging process and prevents cell death. January 22 - The Rygge Handball Club is formed. January 28 - Armed men are holding at least 400 children and teachers hostage for several hours at a school in Manila, Philippines. January 29 - A bomb explodes at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The bomb kills one person, injuring several others. Serial bomber Eric Robert Rudolph is named the perpetrator.


February 2 - A DC-9 plane collides with mountains near Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, killing 104 people. February 4 - An earthquake (6.1 on the Richter scale) hits northeastern Afghanistan, killing more than 5,000 people. February 15 - The autoline boat "Geir Peder" goes down outside Båtsfjord in Finnmark. One perishes. February 16 - An Airbus A300-622R crashes in a landing in Taipei, Taiwan, killing 203 people, including six people on the ground. February 23 - Several tornadoes in central Florida kill 42 people and cause extensive damage.


March 10 - US forces stationed in the Persian Gulf are vaccinated against anthrax. March 11 - Denmark holds parliamentary elections. March 14 - A magnitude 6.9 earthquake shakes southeastern Iran. March 22 - Philippine Airlines Flight 137 domestic flight from Philippine Airlines, the national airline of the Philippines, took off from the runway at Bacolod Airport, killing three people on the ground. March 31 - Netscape releases its browser code as open source, leading to the creation of the Mozilla Foundation.


April - Intel launches the Celeron microprocessor. April 1 - Jørpeland in Rogaland gets city status. April 10 - The Belfast Agreement between Britain and Ireland is signed, setting the framework for the peace process in Northern Ireland. April 15 - Cyrix Corporation launches the Cyrix MII microprocessor.


22. of May - Suharto is stepping down as president of Indonesia. Lewinsky scandal: A federal judge ruled that Secret Service agents may have to testify in the case. May 28 - Advanced Micro Devices launches the AMD K6-2 microprocessor.


June 3 - A German express train derails at Eschelde, killing 102 people. June 23 - The exoplanet Gliese 876 b is discovered around the red dwarf star. Gliese 876, 15.6 light-years away in the zodiac sign Aquarius. June 25 - Microsoft launches Windows 98 operating system. June 27 - Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Malaysia opens.


July 12 - KDE 1.0 is released. July 23 - Mandriva Linux 1.0 launches.


August 7 - US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania are destroyed in two coordinated terrorist attacks. Al-Qaeda is blamed for the attack, which killed 200 people and injured more than 4,000.


September 7 - The computer company Google is founded.


October - Sony launches the Memory Stick October 2 - Pandeli Majko becomes Albanian head of state. October 5 - IBM launches the RISC microprocessor POWER3 October 8 - Oslo Airport, Gardermoen opens. October 24 - The soap opera Hotel Cæsar begins.


November 19 - The potential dwarf planet 19521 Chaos is discovered outside Pluto. November 24 �