December 7, 2021

2016 (MMXVI) in the Gregorian calendar was a leap year that began on a Friday.



January 8 - a mail plane of the type Bombardier CRJ200 from West Air Sweden crashed on its way from Oslo Airport, Gardermoen to Tromsø Airport, Langnes. January 14 - WHO declares the two-year Ebola epidemic in West Africa over.


February 5 - The Norwegian Railway Directorate is established. February 18 - Partially Telenor-owned VimpelCom enters into a settlement with US and Dutch authorities and agrees to pay $ 795 million for corruption in the period 2006–2012.


1 March NetCom changed its name to Telia. Super Tuesday during the US presidential election campaign: Donald Trump (R) and Hillary Clinton (D) both won in seven of eleven states. March 15 - A sick reindeer was found in Nordfjella in Sogn og Fjordane. It turned out to be the first case of the disease Scrapie (CWD) that has been detected in Europe. March 22 - A terrorist attack with coordinated explosions hits Brussels.


April 3 Lørenbanen and Løren station opened. Panama documentary revelations April 11 - The church meeting of the Church of Norway decided that people of the same sex are allowed to marry in the church. April 17 - A magnitude 7.8 earthquake shakes Ecuador. April 18 - The Goliath field was officially opened by Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tord Lien. April 22 - The International Climate Agreement The Paris Agreement is signed by 175 countries. April 27 - The county councils in North and South Trøndelag decided, at Stiklestad, that the counties should be merged into Trøndelag county. The merger will take place from 1 January 2018. April 29 - Helicopter accident at Turøy: 13 people died when an Airbus H225 Super Puma from CHC Helicopter Service crashed.


May 19 - EgyptAir Flight 804 with 66 people on board crashed in the Mediterranean on its way from Paris to Cairo. May 22 - Alexander Van der Bellen wins the Austrian presidential election with 50.3% of the vote ahead of Norbert Hofer. The election was later canceled and had to be conducted again.


June 8 - The Storting unanimously decided that Sør-Trøndelag and Nord-Trøndelag will be merged into Trøndelag county from January 1, 2018. June 12 - A man commits mass murder at a nightclub in Orlando June 23 - A referendum on Britain's EU membership ends with a 51.9% majority in favor of Britain leaving the EU.


July 4 - Skjeggestad bridge reopened after the use collapse in 2015. July 5 - The Juno spacecraft arrives on Jupiter to explore the planet. July 13 - Theresa May takes over as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after David Cameron resigned following the referendum on EU membership. July 14 - More than 80 people are killed in a terrorist attack on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. July 15 - A military coup overthrows Turkey.


August 5 - Princess Märtha Louise and Ari Behn announce divorce. August 31 - Dilma Rousseff is ousted as Brazilian president following a lawsuit.




November 4 - International climate agreement The Paris Agreement came into force 30 days after it was ratified by 55 countries. November 8 - In the US presidential election, Donald Trump is elected president and Mike Pence vice president. The Republican Party retained the majority in both houses of Congress. November 10 - Three Lithuanian forest workers die in a quick clay landslide in Sørum. November 15 - The Storting considered the long-term plan for the Armed Forces and adopted i.a. that 333 Squadron be moved to Evenes, that Andøya Airport be closed, that the Air Force's school center be moved to Værnes and that the Armed Forces close down its operations at Kjevik. November 28 - 71 people died when LaMia Flight 2933 with the Brazilian football team Chapecoense on board crashed at Medellín in Colombia.


December 4th The independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen won the presidential election

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