June 7


July 5, 2022

June 7 is the 158th day of the year, the 159th in leap years. There are 207 days remaining until the end of the year.

Name day

Robert, Robin.


1494 - The Treaty of Tordesilla is concluded, where Spain and Portugal agree to divide the new world between them. 1654 - Louis XIV of France is crowned King of France. 1692 - An earthquake destroys the then capital of Port Royal, Jamaica. 1796 - Ragundasjön in Sweden with 300 million m³ of water was emptied in four hours. 1863 - Mexico City is conquered by French troops. 1881 - The Social Democratic Federation is founded as the first organized socialist political party in Britain. 1914 - The Panama Canal opens. 1929 - Vatican City State gains sovereignty over its territory after ratification by the Italian Parliament. 1929 - Young's plan for Germany's repayment of war damages is launched. 1935 - Pierre Laval becomes French prime minister. 1967 - Six Day War: Israel occupies Jerusalem 1967 - Six Day War: Ceasefire between Israel and Jordan 1968 - The first Legoland park opens in Billund, Denmark. 1981 - Osirak attack: Israeli fighter jets attack and destroy the Iraqi nuclear reactor Osirak. 1982 - A civil war in Chad approaches the decision when rebel leader Hissène Habré conquers the capital, N'Djamena. 1989 - A DC-8 crashes not far from Paramaribo airport in Suriname. 168 people die. 2006 - Terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is killed in a US-led attack on a building in Baghdad.

Norsk historie

1895 - The Storting abandons the issue of its own Norwegian consulate, as Sweden opposes hard. An upgrade of the Norwegian defense begins at the same time. 1904 - Åsane Musikklag is founded under the name Eidsvåg Musikklag. 1905 - The Storting declares that the union between Norway and Sweden is dissolved as a result of King Oscar II declaring himself unable to form a government and therefore ceasing to function as Norwegian king. 1912 - Kristiansund Football Club is founded. 1913 - The Norwegian American Line's first ship DS "Kristianiafjord" sailed from Bergen to New York. 1940 - World War II: King Haakon VII, Crown Prince Olav and the Norwegian government leave Tromsø and go into exile to London. 1945 - World War II: King Haakon VII, Crown Princess Märtha and the three children return to Oslo from their exile in London and the United States. 1948 - King Haakon VII receives the royal ship "Norway" as a gift from the people. 1949 - The skate "Hernes" disappears outside Hammerfest. Four perish. 1962 - Bodø station and the Nordlandsbanen to Bodø are officially opened by King Olav V. 1980 - The National Council for Norwegian Children and Youth Organizations (LNU) is founded. 2006 - A meteorite crashes in Reisadalen in North Troms. It is the most violent meteorite impact in modern times in Norway.


See more who were born June 7 in Category: Births June 7. 1491 - Jacques Cartier, French explorer (d. 1557) 1809 - William Forbes Skene, British historian and antiquarian (d. 1892) 1823 - Jørgen Breder Faye, Norwegian merchant, banker and politician (d. 1908) 1837 - Alois Hitler, father of Adolf Hitler (d. 1903) 1848 - Paul Gauguin, French painter (d. 1903) 1875 - Emil Abrahamsen, Norwegian painter (d. 1964) 1893 - Erling Johnson, Norwegian chemical engineer, developer of the odd process (d. 1967) 1896 - Imre Nagy, Hungarian politician (d. 1958) 1917 - Dean Martin, American actor, musician and singer (d. 1995) 1921 - Guillermo Silva Sanz de Santamaría, Colombian artist (d. 2007) 1922 - Vilhelm Aubert, Norwegian sociologist (d. 1988) 1924 - Donald W. Davies, British computer scientist (d. 2000) 1932 - Per Maurseth, Norwegian historian (d. 2013) 1938 - Ian St John, Scottish footballer and coach (d. 2021) 1940 - Tom Jones, British singer 1943 - Jakob Margido Esp, Norwegian actor 1944 - Kjartan Fløgstad, Norwegian author 1944 - Erling Wicklund, norsk j