Badi Batchelor


January 20, 2022

Badi Batchelor (born Karen-Sofie Kristiansen in 1941) is a Norwegian fashion designer and textile artist from Stokmarknes in Nordland. She became known in the 1970s and 1980s for combining traditional handicraft techniques with the current fashion expressions of the time. Batchelor has created and contributed to several works that are on display in, among others, the Textile Industry Museum and the National Museum. She lives and works in Son in Vestby municipality in Akershus.


Batchelor has a degree from the Norwegian School of Crafts and Design. As a fashion designer, she has distinguished herself especially through her collaboration with the textile designer Kristi Skintveit from 1967. Batchelor and Skintveit were during this period connected to the loom to the Applied Arts Organization PLUS in the Old Town in Fredrikstad. Based on, among other things, a collection of models that Skintveit developed in collaboration with Batchelor, she won the Lunning Prize in 1967. During this period, the textile artists at PLUS contributed to Fredrikstad being central to the Norwegian fashion world. In 1968, Batchelor opened a workshop and shop in PLUS's premises together with Skintveit. After a legal dispute over a lease, as well as other internal disputes in the organization, they left PLUS in 1969 and established themselves in new premises in Spinnerigården in Son. Here, several applied artists from PLUS and elsewhere established themselves, and used the building as a workroom and home. From 1969 until the 1990s, Batchelor ran a knitting workshop in Spinnerigården together with her husband Michael. Knitted dresses, jackets and other textile goods were produced here. This production became nationally known for its distinctive character, and was sold at retailers throughout Norway and abroad. In 1978, the Batchelor couple received the Past Memory Association's award for their restoration work in Spinnerigården. After the couple sold Spinnerigården, they took over Woldegården in Son. Batchelor operated a store in Drøbak until 2004, and has since moved its business back to Son.


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