The big replacement


July 5, 2022

The Great Replacement, also referred to as the Great Population Change, the Replacement Theory, the People's Benefit and the like (after French le grand remplacement and English The Great Replacement or The Great Replacement Theory), is a right-wing extremist and racist conspiracy theory that a conscious policy is pursued to replace the ethnic white population of Europe and the United States with non-European immigrants and their descendants. According to the theory, the secret conspiracy will lead to the disappearance of the indigenous people and the traditional culture. The concept and ideas are formulated in the pamphlet Le Grand Remplacement from 2011, written by the French, nationalist author Renaud Camus. The theory has its roots in older, anti-Semitic notions that Jews become the majority in non-Jewish society and take over power, but today it applies to different ethnic groups and conditions. European conspiracy theorists fear that Muslims from the Middle East, Africa and Asia will take over, in the United States the threat will come mainly from African Americans and Latin American immigrants and their children. The terms "genocide by substitution" or "genocide by white" (English: white genocide) are also used. In Swedish, the term folk exchange ("ethnic compensation") is used in part, which has previously been used in the sense of "migration", but has changed its meaning to "replacement" or "replacement". itself as the last generation that can stop "the great replacement"; they consider themselves the saviors of the West. The identity movement has popularized the conspiracy theory and they claim that emigration of people of foreign origin is necessary to avert the replacement. The rhetoric about the great replacement has been taken over by cultural and racist nationalists. Since the refugee crisis in Europe in 2015, the conspiracy theory has encouraged the discourse on the far right. Important elements in the narrative have been assumptions about failed integration and quasi-scientific notions of incompatible cultures. The theory has also been promoted by leading politicians such as Prime Ministers Viktor Orbán in Hungary and Róbert Fico in Slovakia.


Renaud Camus (born 1946) claims that totalitarian and elitist politicians in the West systematically replace the white population in France and Europe with Muslims and others from the Middle East and Africa. The purpose may be to win votes among the new population groups, gain a majority for their own policies and thus retain power. Martin Sellner believes that a planned replacement is underway with the aim of changing the mono-ethnic society into a multi-cultural one. Sellner claims that a supranational elite is forcing the European peoples to this great replacement. Camus has described "mass immigration" to France as an "invasion" and that the historical cultural nation is "colonized" through a "population transfer". The immigration of "foreign cultural", the birth surplus in these groups and declining birth rates among whites have led to a demographic change. The old majority population will become a minority in their own area, and eventually traditional Western values ​​and societies will disappear, according to Camus. Martin Sellner, leader of the identity movement in Austria, maintains that birth rates in Austria are declining at the same time as the population is rising. The identity movement promotes claims that the Austrians will soon disappear as a people because too few children are born; this is supported by statistics on the birth rate among Austrian-born women compared to Turkish-born. The identity movement is critical to provoked abortion. Sellner believes that «abortion