Egil Hegerberg


December 6, 2021

Egil Hegerberg, also known under the aliases Bare Egil and Angelov Doom, (born March 23, 1970) is a Norwegian musician and comedian. Hegerberg has played in a number of bands, including Gartnerlosjen, L.Y.D., Bare Egil Band, Hurra Torpedo, Black Debbath and Thulsa Doom. In most of these bands, Hegerberg plays bass, and he is also often a vocalist. As a solo artist, he also plays acoustic guitar, in line with the genre being parodied. Hegerberg and the bands he has played in are known for their strange inventions. As a member of Black Debbath, he was involved in stealing the Spellemann Prize in 1999, when award winner (and former Gartnerlosjen vocalist) Kristopher Schau announced Black Debbath as winners in the category for best hard rock band, even though it was actually the black metal band The Kovenant who won the award. "Where is Satan now when you need him the most," Hegerberg said in his thank-you speech. plata I fyr og flamme in 2010 and as the innovator of the year in 2011. However, he withdrew from the nomination as lyricist in 2010 because he «… was nominated together with a number of women». Some may have perceived it as a small stab at Susanne Sundfør who withdrew from her nomination in protest against the gender division within the artist categories, but Hegerberg claimed he only did it to get himself cheap publicity. He received NOPA's lyrics award for 2017 for the song "Jo" and Audun Tylden's Memorial Award for 2016. Although Hegerberg is not known for taking himself seriously, and most of his music projects are characterized by a lot of humor and nonsense, Thulsa Doom was a serious band. Hegerberg made his debut with the solo project Bare Egil Band in 1990 and has released a total of five solo albums: Absolutely Not Just Egil Band (1996), Songs From Bare Egil By (2007), I Am Completely Raw (2008), In Fire and Flame (2010) and Norway Across Vol. 1 - Local Angling (2011), a double album consisting of one album with songs specially composed for different cities and towns in Norway on behalf of Hegerberg's self-developed set list generator, and one album consisting of cover songs wanted by concert organizers around Norway and performed by Bare Egil's Coverband. Volume 2 of this record series was recorded live on the tour in the autumn of 2011 and came out in November in connection with a humorous TV series on NRK from the relevant tour. The album I fyr og flamme took the title from an episode where Hegerberg's hair caught fire during a TV broadcast from the children's film award ceremony Amandus where he played with Black Debbath. I am completely raw and I fyr og flamme consisted mainly of material specially composed for NRK P2's cultural program Radiofront. In 2008, Egil also appeared on the children's album Magic Hooks & Secrets produced by Linn Skåber and Jacob Young, with the song "Finn". Other artists who participated were Simone Larsen, Maria Haukaas Storeng, Alexander Rybak, Venke Knutson, Alejandro Fuentes, Julius Winger, Live Maria Roggen, Jørn Christensen, Paal Flaata and Andrea Bræin Hovig. Hegerberg lives at Bøler in Oslo, where he also grew up. up.


Bare Egil Band

AlbumAbsolutely Not Just Egil Band (1996) Songs From Only Egil By (2007) I'm completely raw (2008) In flames (2010) Norway at a crossroads Vol. 1 - Local angle (2011) Norway at a crossroads Vol. 2 - Live at Rockefeller (2011) Norway at a crossroads Vol. 3 - Beyond land and beach (2014) Go Norway! Only Egil's football singer Vol. 1 (2014) Yes! (2017) Zero (2019) Norway at a crossroads Vol. 4 (2019) Singles / EPsTwo moral songs for young people (1995) Shoe / Crisis (1996) Chief of Police Egil (2007) Research (2008) Pumping up the oil (2008) Stabekk cinema (2009) Take it easy now (2009) Stao no pao (2009) Come to Kongsberg (2011) The Nation (2014) Fuck in hell (2014) Special language training (2015) Is there poop in the beard? (2015) Vervenfestivalen (2015) Fl�

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