Fosen Vind


October 17, 2021

Fosen Vind is a group of five, formerly six, wind farms in Trøndelag. Including Roan wind farm, which was separated from Fosen Vind in 2021, the plant consists of four wind farms at Fosen, one at Hitra and one in Orkland, with a total of 277 wind turbines and with a planned annual production of 3.6 TWh. Together, these constitute Europe's largest wind power project. The company Fosen Vind was founded on 16 November 2015 to develop, acquire, build, operate and maintain wind farms in Norway. The company is owned by Statkraft (52.1%), Trønderenergi (7.9%) and Nordic wind power DA (Credit Suisse and BKW, 40%) and is organized as a responsible company with shared responsibility. Electricity production started in 2017, and full production was underway in 2021.

The wind farms

The plant consists of 277 Vestas turbines of 3.6 MW each. Some have rotors with a diameter of 117 m, others with 112 m. Mills of the same type were put into operation at Skomakerfjellet in March 2016. A new county road was needed to bring the turbine parts and collector transformer to the plant, as the old county road 723 was too small.



The project was investigated from 2005, in different combinations of wind farms. Statnett required a facility of at least 1,000 megawatts to build a new power line, and the projects south of the Trondheim Fjord were almost as large as those to the north. Originally, Svarthammaren and Remmafjellet were involved in the project, while Harbaksfjellet was not, and Statkraft thought that the economy was too bad as the energy produced would have been 3.25 TWh / year. Statkraft dropped the project in June 2015, but the parties still chose to reconsider the project. Storheia and Harbaksfjellet had a greater effect, while Roan and Kvenndalsfjellet had less. Better placement of the turbines and shorter access roads led to more energy and cheaper projects. Previously, Agder Energi and Nord-Trøndelag Elektrisitetsverk were owners, but they sold it to Credit Suisse and BKW. 52% of the local population were in 2015 for the wind farms, but there were local differences. The parties decided in February 2016 to carry out the project.


Construction of access roads to Roan wind farm began in April 2016, and a contract for access roads to Storheia was awarded in July. Parts of 62 meters or 200 tonnes were transported on the roads. The last of the 277 wind turbines was set up in August 2020. On 23 March 2021, Fosen Vind sent out a press release stating that the wind farms were in full production.



The total budget was approx. 11 billion; turbines make up two thirds of this. Other expenses (1-2 billion) are access roads, foundations, wires and more. The company behind entered into agreements for NOK 150 million in payment to landowners and host municipalities in the development phase. Thereafter, 20 million will be paid each year in the 25-year operating phase, a total of 650 million. The municipalities have a view to tax revenues from the wind farms, but the government is considering removing the tax.


Norsk Hydro buys 18 TWh from the project over 20 years for their aluminum plant. Norwegian electricity customers pay almost half of the certificate system (green certificates) in both Norway and Sweden. Until 2016, most of the certificate crowns went to Sweden; as of April 2016, 13.1 TWh were built in Sweden and 2.4 TWh in Norway, out of a total of 15.5 TWh. The certificate system provides NOK 500 million a year to the wind farms; this corresponds to approximately 15 øre per kWh. In March 2016, the definition of global certificates was changed. Around 2020, 2-4 Swedish nuclear power plants were expected to close, thereby increasing electricity prices. The International Energy Agency expects electricity prices to double, among others. a. as a result of power cables to Germany and England (NSN), and increased CO2 tax.

New power line

Statnett built a new 420kV power line at Fosen between north and south from May 2016 to 2019. The line was also built to cover the power deficit of 7 TWh / year in Central Norway and secure supply. The wind farms and power lines

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