November 30, 2021

Photographer is a term for a person who works to produce photographs using light. A photographer must master color theory, process light and shadow, be able to plan the image's message and expression. In the early history of photography, there was no education to become a photographer. There are now vocational schools that train photographers. Education in Norway is covered by the Apprenticeship Act. The photographer Kåre Kivijärvi was the first to be accepted at the Autumn Exhibition, in 1971. He thus paved the way for photographers to be accepted as artists and photography to be accepted as art. The title "photographer" is not protected, so anyone can call themselves that. "Photographer" is, however, a protected title reserved for those who have a master's degree in photography.


Photographers are partly categorized as art photographer, press photographer, wedding photographer, portrait photographer, nature photographer, advertising photographer, real estate photographer, etc.

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