The Frøya tunnel


July 5, 2022

The Frøya tunnel is an underwater road tunnel that connects the islands of Frøya and Hitra in Trøndelag, and is part of the mainland connection Hitra – Frøya (714Fylkesvei 714). The first development in the mainland connection was the Fjellværøy connection, which was opened on 10 July 1992. The Hitra tunnel, built in connection with the embankment and bridge between Hemnskjel and Sunde in Snillfjord, was opened on 8 December 1994. As a third and final part, the Frøya tunnel was opened on 23 June 2000. The connection replaced the ferry connection Kjerringvåg – Flatval (1964–2000) which was served by the ferries MF «Frøyaferja» and MF «Fru Inger».

Brief facts

Length: 5,305 m Maximum depth: 150 m below sea level Cost: NOK 475 million


The development costs for the mainland connection were divided between the state (51%), the county and the municipalities (11%) and toll financing (38%). Toll collection was originally assumed to take place until 2012. A significantly larger traffic base than expected and the fact that two of the three projects were completed under budget gives the project a better economy than anticipated. It was then decided to close the toll stations at Dolmøy and Ansnes on 31 January 2003, while the toll station at Sandstad will be retained until the entire project has been paid off. Toll collection is done by the company Hitra Frøya Fastlandssamband. Better finances in the toll company due to increased traffic meant that toll collection was discontinued on 20 February 2010.

Traffic development

The 24-hour traffic in the tunnel since 2008.

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