Frederik IX of Denmark


January 20, 2022

Frederik IX (Christian Frederik Franz Michael Carl Valdemar Georg) (born 11 March 1899, died 14 January 1972) was King of Denmark 1947–1972. His language of choice was With God for Denmark. Frederik IX was the eldest son of Christian X and Queen Alexandrine, he was born on March 11, 1899 at Sorgenfri castle. He was King of Denmark from 1947 to 1972. In 1922 he became engaged to the Greek princess Olga, but the engagement was terminated after a few months. On May 24, 1935, he married Princess Ingrid of Sweden in the Great Church in Stockholm. Ingrid was the daughter of Crown Prince Gustav Adolf, the later Gustav VI Adolf of Sweden (1882–1973), and Crown Princess Margaretha (1882-1920). Queen Ingrid quickly learned Danish and especially to love Southern Jutland. Gråsten Castle was designed as the Crown Prince Couple's summer home. April 16, 1940, just seven days after the German invasion, the couple had their first child, Margrethe. The little princess immediately became a bright spot in a dark time. During the occupation, Copenhageners often saw the Crown Prince and Crown Princess walking around the capital by pram or bicycle - a symbol and gathering point for the Danish population. Then on April 29, 1944 they had Princess Benedict (married to Prince Richard to Sayn-Wittgenstin-Berleburg) and on August 30, 1946 Princess Anne-Marie (married to Constantine II of Greece, son of King Paul I and Queen Frederikke). Unlike his predecessors, Frederick IX chose to pursue a career in the navy instead of the army, and in 1945 he was appointed Rear Admiral. He loved life at sea, and as a real sailor he was of course richly tattooed. In addition to his penchant for the sea, he had a great love for music. On several occasions he swung the baton over the Royal Chapel, the Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Life Guards Music Corps. Professional musicians expressed the greatest admiration for the king's musicality and his abilities as an orchestra leader and musician. During the years of occupation, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess were very active in strengthening the Danish people. Later, there were several trips around Denmark as well as to the Faroe Islands and Greenland. In his New Year's speech, the king always brought a greeting to the sailors. With the royal ship Dannebrog, the couple has formally visited every port in Denmark. The king also liked to go hunting and many hunts were arranged from the hunting lodge in Trend. In addition to this, Fredensborg and Gråsten Castle were the royal family's preferred residences. When the royal couple did not have a son, the throne was to go to the king's younger brother, Crown Prince Knud, and then to his eldest son, Ingolf, according to the then succession law. For a number of years, the Folketing had considered a constitutional amendment, but had so far backed down because the decision required a majority of 45% of the population to vote yes. At the same time, there was popular pressure to introduce female succession as there was no prospect of the royal couple having a son. The then Danish Prime Minister Erik Eriksen had the bright idea to include female succession in the constitutional amendment, so it would probably be easier to get it adopted. Despite recommendations from almost the entire Folketing, and despite the royal house's great popularity, the constitution was only adopted by 46% of the eligible voters. At the same time, the percentage was reduced to 40. Without the female succession, it would hardly have succeeded in getting the proposal through, and with the Succession Act of 1953, Princess Margrethe became the first in the succession. King Fredrik IX died on 14 January 1972 after a short illness and was buried in Roskilde Cathedral. Fredrik IX, with his warmth and popular nature, greatly helped to break down / reduce the distance between the royal family and the general population. The then Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag proclaimed his daughter Margrethe II Queen of Denmark. The government entered into an agreement with Queen Ingrid that she could act as head of state.


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