Gullruten 2022


May 22, 2022

Gullruten 2022 was the 25th edition of Gullruten. The main award ceremony took place in the Grieg Hall in Bergen on 7 May 2022 and was led by Niklas Baarli, while the professional prize was awarded at Edderkoppen Scene in Oslo on 27 April. The award ceremony concerned Norwegian-produced TV productions shown for the first time on TV in the period 22 March 2021 and 21 March 2022. The second season of NRK's ​​drama series Lykkeland won the most awards with a total of five, while Viaplay's drama series Pørni won four awards. Anne-Kat. Hærland was awarded the honorary prize. The nominees for the professional award were announced on 8 April, while the nominees for the main award were announced on 27 April. Lykkeland received the most nominations with nine, the second season of the HBO series Beforeigners and Pørni received seven nominations each, while NRK's ​​drama series Rådebank received six. The audience prize was awarded in collaboration with See and Hear. In this class, ten nominees were first made public for the preliminary round on 5 April. The four with the most votes then went on to a final round. Before the award ceremony, a new professional award class was introduced for this year's green production for productions where the production company has made "conscious green choices to reduce production's climate footprint, and / or contributed to green innovation and innovation". . For the main award, a new class has been introduced for the best character-driven documentary series as a replacement for the class best documentary soap, while the class best TV moments is deleted. For the subject award, the class best photo multi-camera has been reintroduced, while the classes best direct multi-camera are deleted. The main award was broadcast on TV 2 and was produced by Nordisk Film TV.


Winners of the trade award


Best children's or youth program: Rabalder, produced by Nordicstories Nord for NRK Like me, produced by NRK for NRK Superhero School, produced by Seefood TV for NRK Minibarna, produced by NRK for NRKBest documentary series: Intoxication, produced by Pandora Film for NRK Kunstnerliv, produced by NRK for NRK The riddle Agnes, produced by NRK for NRK Kingdom Security, produced by Monster for NRKBest drama series: Rådebank, season 3, produced by Fenomen and Storyline for NRK Lykkeland, season 2, produced by Maipo Film for NRK Kristiania Magic Tivoli Theater, produced by Monster for NRK Pørni, produced by Monster for ViaplayBest event or sports program: Spellemann 2020, produced by Sesong 1 and NRK for NRK Pridefest, produced by NRK for NRK P3 Gold, produced by NRK for NRK Hev Stemmen, produced by The Oslo Company for NRKBeste humor program: The first service, produced by NRK for NRK Hull, produced by Spark for TV 2 Basic Bitch, produced by Feelgood SFT for Warner Bros. Discovery Drive Me to the Olympics, Season 2, produced by Concorde TV for Warner Bros. DiscoveryBest character-driven documentary series: The head in a pinch, produced by NRK for NRK Team Ingebrigtsen, produced by Zacapa Film for NRK Märtha, produced by Mothership Entertainment for TV 2 Mina og meg, produced by Teddy TV for TV 2Best lifestyle program: HAIK, produced by NRK for NRK Do not ask for it, produced by NRK for NRK From bully to best friend, produced by Monster for NRK Martha gets rich, produced by NRK for NRKBest news or current affairs program: Unwanted, produced by NRK for NRK The debate, produced by NRK for NRK Dagsrevyen, produced by NRK for NRK Åsted Norway, produced by Mastiff for TV 2Best competitive reality: The Master of the Masters, produced by Rubicon TV for NRK The farm, produced by Strix for TV 2 Kompani Lauritzen, produced by Seefood TV for TV 2 71 ° north - Norway's toughest celebrity, produced by Nordisk Film TV for Warner Bros. DiscoveryBest reality: With Monsen on the wrong track, produced by Nordisk Film TV and NRK for NRK The hunt for love, produced by Fremantle for TV 2 First Date, produced by Monster for Warner Bros. Discovery 16 Weeks of Hell, produced by Nexico for Warner Bros. DiscoveryBest TV Documentary: The children we carry, produced by Wemake Film for NRK Trust