Hans Christian Ostrø's Memorial Prize


January 20, 2022

The Hans Christian Ostrø Memorial Prize is an honorary prize in memory of the Norwegian actor Hans Christian Ostrø (1968–1995), who was killed in Kashmir after he and five other Western tourists were kidnapped on July 4, 1995. The kidnapping and murder became known in Norway as the Ostrø case. The memorial prize goes to people who build bridges between different cultures, and is awarded in connection with Ostrø's birthday on 23 November. The prize consists of a work of art and 50,000 Norwegian kroner.

Prize winners

2020: Janne Hoem, photographer, visual artist and theater producer - for her overall artistic work as a bridge builder 2018: Emilie Beck, host - for the work on the documentary series Stuck 2017: Pål Moddi Knutsen, folk singer - for his work with the album Unsongs and the book «Forbidden songs» 2015: Helle Siljeholm and Sara Christophersen, dancers 2012: Cecilie Ore, composer, and Bibbi Moslet, playwright 2011: Tom Hatlestad, photographer - for the photo exhibition «On the trail of freedom» 2010: Johannes Joner, performing artist - for, among other things, his commitment to rape victims and child soldiers in Congo 2007: Margreth Olin, filmmaker 2006: Åsmund Gylder - for his involvement in peace work 2005: Namaa Alward, actress 2004: Hege Rimestad, violinist and composer 2003: Per Spildra Borg, stage artist, artistic director of the theater group Stella Polaris 2002: Anne-Tove Vestfossen, visual artist 2001: Øystein Wingaard Wolf 2000: Maria Fuglevaag Warsinski, filmmaker 1998: Karoline Frogner, filmmaker 1997: Erik Bye


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