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January 27, 2022

Ingeborg Louise Steen, known as Inki Steen and partly as Inki Steen Krogvig, (born March 23, 1919 in Christiania, died April 3, 1986 in Oslo) was a Norwegian psychologist, organizational leader and public educator. She was the leader of the Norwegian Psychological Association 1957–1958 and held positions in a number of other organizations. She was also known as an active communicator of child psychological knowledge through NRK and other mass media in the 1950s and 1960s.


She became a in psychology at the University of Oslo in 1947 and a specialist in clinical psychology in 1960. In 1947 she was employed in the newly created position as a psychologist at Gaustad Hospital, where she worked closely with Nic Waal who then worked as a psychiatrist at the hospital, including treatment plans. for psychosis treatment. Steen thus became the first psychologist to work in Norwegian psychiatry. She was succeeded in the position by Ragnar A. Christensen in 1949. She has since worked as a school psychologist, research fellow with a research project on gender identification and gender roles, university lecturer in psychology at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo from 1960 and finally as chief psychologist at the health service at Blindern. She was also the director of the Norwegian Psychoanalytic Institute from 1969. She was also the Film Control's child psychology expert and was a member of several other state councils. In 1950, she was a member of a committee together with Thorbjørn Egner who gave advice on the design of picture books for children under school age. She also held positions in several psychologist organizations. She was leader of the Norwegian Psychologists 'Association 1957–1958 and leader of the State Employees' Psychologists 'Business Group from 1959, and was secretary of the Nordic Psychologists' Cooperation Committee. She was also active in the Norwegian Women's Affairs Association and a contributor to the magazine Kvinnen og Tiden. She was deputy leader of the Norwegian Association of Norwegian Academics (1956–1959), the Norwegian section of the International Federation of University Women which was founded by Kristine Bonnevie and Ellen Gleditsch. She was married in her first marriage to the psychiatrist Bård Brekke. As a married woman, she continued to use her original name Steen, but is sometimes referred to by the name Brekke and later by the name Krogvig which she received in her second marriage.

Bibliography (selection)

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