I want wings


October 17, 2021

I Want Wings (original title: I Wanted Wings) is a 1941 American drama film directed by Mitchell Leisen, starring Ray Milland and William Holden.

Summary of actions

The year is 1940, shortly before the Americans enter World War II. But during an exercise, a plane crashes in a desert, on its way back to a base. Mysteriously, the body of an unknown woman is discovered in the wreck. The pilot, Jefferson Young III, is then accused of having an unauthorized civilian passenger on board the plane. But before the martial law has time to reach a verdict, they will review Jeff's military background and history. Jeff, the son of a wealthy businessman from Long Island, joins the United States Army Air Corps. He undergoes military training in Texas, and meets former football player Tom Cassidy and Al Ludlow, a mechanic. Jeff and Al soon become close friends, and support each other through training. Jeff meets singer Sally Vaughn, unaware that she used to be Al's girlfriend. However, Jeff is in love with photographer Carolyn Bartlett. When another pilot (played by Jimmy Masters) crashes a plane, Jeff and Al are the first to arrive at the burning plane. But Jeff does nothing, while Al saves the Masters. Afterwards, Jeff is so ashamed of himself, runs away from training, gets drunk and travels to Sally. But he then returns to base, and Jeff flirts with Carolyn, which she accepts. While training at another airport, the three friends fly dangerously low for fun. But Tom crashes another plane and dies. Sally says she is pregnant with Jeff's children. Jeff admits to Carolyn that he secretly continued to meet Sally because she threatened to ruin his reputation. Carolyn breaks up with Jeff. Al marries Sally, both because he loves her and to protect Jeff. But Sally tells Al that she lied about being pregnant. But Jeff says he knew this all along. Upset, and because she thinks he never loved her, Sally leaves him. After his military education, he meets Al again, who is now the commander of his own Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. But Sally shows up again, and asks Al for help because she is now wanted for murder - a crime she admits she has committed. Al gives her some money, and reluctantly promises to meet her later. But before Sally has time to leave the hangar, several officers enter the building. Sally is hiding in a bomber. She's still there when the plane takes off, with Jeff as pilot.


Ray Milland - Jeff Young William Holden - Al Ludlow Wayne Morris - Tom Cassidy Brian Donlevy - Captain Mercer Constance Moore - Carolyn Bartlett Veronica Lake - Sally Vaughn


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