Judy Simone Nyamburah Karanja


October 17, 2021

Judy Simone Nyamburah Karanja (born March 12, 1987) is a Norwegian actor, poet, and photographer born in Kenya and raised on Hauketo in Søndre Nordstrand. She has played a number of roles on stage and television, including Dovregubben in Peer Gynt and Camilla in Line 5 at Det Norske Teatret.


Nyamburah started working professionally in the art field when he was 15 years old. In 2003, she was the music coordinator for the album Maroon from The R.I.S.E. (Revolutionary Independence Solid Eloquent) Project and screenwriter for the music video All About The Benjamins. In 2005, Nyamburah debuted as a poet in collaboration with the political rap duo Dead Prez under the direction of Gate Prophets for African History Week. She has since collaborated with artists such as Amiri Baraka, The Last Poets and Nicole Rafiki. In 2010, she shared the stage with Saul Williams and the Oslo Philharmonic in the production Said The Shotgun To The Head. Visible-Invisible next to Herman Mbamba and Fadlabi, among others. Karanja's photographs can also be found in several issues of Kush Magazine and Kingsize Magazine. In 2015, Karanja received a bachelor's degree in acting and production at Nord University via «Det Multinorske» at Det Norske Teatret. That same year, she debuted as Paula in the political satire musical Half the Kingdom (winner of the Comedy Award 2016), and has since starred in, among others, The Book of Mormon (Hedda Award 2018 for Foresight of the Year and Best Stage Text), Peer Gynt, and Line 5. Nyamburah has had roles in the NRK series Valkyrien, Livstid and Unge Lovende, and sits on the artistic council at Vega Scene.


Min Venn Romvesenet (2021) Det Norske Teatret On the Anatomy of Suicide (2021) The Norwegian Theater Lear (2020) Det Norske Teatret Line 5 (2020) The Norwegian Theater Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2019-2020) Det Norske Teatret Peer Gynt (2018) Det Norske Teatret The Book of Mormon (2017-2019) Det Norske Teatret Halve Kongerike (2015) Det Norske Teatret


Storm (TBA) directed by Erica Calmeyer Lifetime (2019) NRK Series Out Of Context (2019) Short film Valkyrien (2017) NRK Series Young Promising (2017) NRK Series


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