Kali Yuga


July 6, 2022

Kalī Yuga (Devanāgarī: कली युग) (Age of Kalis, also known as the Age of Darkness) is - according to Hindu scriptures - one of the four stages of development the world goes through as part of the Yugas cycle, The other ages are called Dwapara Yuga, Treta Yuga and Satya Yuga. According to Surya Siddhanta, an astronomical treatise that is the basis of all Hindu and Buddhist calendars, the age of Kali Yuga began at midnight (00:00) on January 23, 3102 BC. in the Gregorian calendar. The same time is also considered by many Hindus to be when Krishna left his body. Kali Yuga is generally thought to last for 432,000 years. Most interpreters of Hindu scriptures believe that the world is currently in Kali Yuga. Some also believe that we are at the beginning of Dwapara Yuga. Hindus believe that human civilization undergoes a spiritual degeneration during Kali Yuga. Therefore, it is also referred to as the age of darkness.