Lifjell (mountain area)


December 8, 2021

For other meanings, see Lifjell. Lifjell is a mountain area located in the municipalities of Hjartdal, Seljord, Midt-Telemark and Notodden in Telemark. The Lifjell plateau covers an area of ​​approx. 55,000 acres, and has Røysdalsnuten as its highest point, with its 1,291 meters. Northwest of Lifjell is Mælefjell. The highest areas on Lifjell are located in the middle alpine to high alpine zone, where it is almost free of vegetation, with unstable soil and plants that grow individually and scattered. Previously, there was also extraction of iron in the area Jønnbu, hence the name (jønn iron). The Lifjell area is a popular recreational area with summer and winter trails. The terrain is characterized by steep slopes and is partly physically demanding to travel in. It was on Lifjell, more precisely defined in the heath above Geirsandstulen to the farm Strand in Seljord below the mountain top Astridnatten (4), that the French hydrogen balloon "La Ville d'Orléans" ended up on 25 November 1870 after it went off course after ascending from Paris, which was surrounded during the Franco-German War.



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