List of mayors in Snåsa


August 13, 2022

The list of mayors in Snåsa municipality in Trøndelag begins in 1837, after the Snåsa foremanship district (municipality) was created by the foremanship laws being introduced in the same year. Snåsa municipality corresponded to the parish of the same name, including the chapel district and the mountain villages that today make up Lierne municipality. In 1871, Lierne parish was established, and Lierne was separated as its own municipality from 1 January 1874. No person from Lierne had been mayor of Snåsa before the division. Relatively few priests, teachers and civil servants have been mayors in Snåsa. Most of the mayors are recruited from among the village's farmers and landowners. In the latter part of the 19th century, the village's political center of gravity was in Sørbygda, where Erik Belbo and his neighbor and cousin Ole Eggen lived. Both are mentioned among the village's best mayors, and both had relatives who were also mayors. In 1917, Johan N. Brede became the first mayor from Vestbygda. In the same way as in other villages, municipal politics was only one of many areas of society that needed shop stewards. Many of the mayors have also held positions in the farmers' association, Snåsa sparebank, Snåsa dairy, trade association, steamship company and other cooperatives. At the municipal election in 1910, lists were drawn up for the first time: Venstre, the Labor Party and the Riksmål Party. Lorents Seem represented the small Riksmål Party, which was the village's bourgeois/conservative alternative at the first elections. The question of national language or national language characterized political life in Snåsa in the years around 1910. The Riksmål Party won a clear majority in both 1910 and 1913. The party was continued as the "Veteran Party" in some elections, but after the Farmers' Party first submitted a list in Snåsa in 1922 this party quickly gained a dominant position in the village's political life. The only one of the mayors who has been active in national politics is Eystein Bardal, who was leader of the Senterungdommen 1964–1965, and deputy representative to the Storting from Nord-Trøndelag 1958–1969. Arne Sandnes was county mayor in Nord-Trøndelag 1976–1991.



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