Liv Lundberg


January 20, 2022

Liv Margith Lundberg (born October 23, 1944 in Bardu, died January 11, 2022) in Oslo was a Norwegian author and poet. Knut Erik Jensen (Stein - roser, on NRK, 1990), and wrote a large number of essays and articles. She was affiliated with the University of Tromsø, where she received the Education Award on 28 March 2012 for her contribution to the development and maintenance of the Authors' Study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø. Liv Lundberg was the mother of the author Ingeborg Arvola.


The clear tone - poem, Gyldendal 1979 Hjerterspeil - poem, Gyldendal 1981 The House of Language has openings - poems, Gyldendal 1982 Steindrømmet - poem, Gyldendal 1985 Lady Lazarus - selected pieces by Sylvia Plath, retelling, Gyldendal 1986 Two-legged angel - poem, Gyldendal 1988 Anthology from a 3-year writing course at Kleiva - (ed.), 1988–90 The Heart of Winter - a novel, The Time 1990 The Beginner's Unconditional - Novel, Cappelen 1997 Alphabet - retelling of Inger Christensen's book, Pax publishing house 1996 Circum Polaris - (ed), Nordnorsk anthologi, Cappelen 1997 Africa - poem, Cappelen 1998 Implemented - poem, Cappelen 1999 Harlequin's Skin Poem, Cappelen 2001 Part of a bird - retelling by Nina Cassian, Cappelen 2002 Smoke and ocher - retelling of Ingrid Junker, Cappelen 2004 The text's ethical moments and other essays - essays, Cappelen Damm 2005 When I do not belong - poem, Cappelen Damm 2008 Everything as it is - retelling of Shuntaro Tanikawa, MARGbok 2010 Stone head, beat / stone eye, se - poems in selection, Cappelen Damm 2012 North of the intention: a journey - travelogue, Orkana 2018



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