Ljanselva Watercourse


January 20, 2022

The Ljanselv watercourse is a watercourse connected to the precipitation field around the river Ljanselva. The watercourse has a length of 14.2 km from the small lakes in the hills around Lutvannet in Østmarka, via Nøklevann and from there in the river Ljanselva to Bunnefjorden by Fiskevollbukta. The watercourse has tributaries from the tributaries Gjersrudbekken, Prinsdalsbekken and Lusetjernbekken. The Ljanselv watercourse is one of the Oslo watercourses.

Watercourse with tributaries

Each line contains the name of the river and where it empties. Side rivers are indented in relation to the main river. Side rivers are listed in the order in which they flow into the main river, calculated from the mouth to the source. Crooked iron - about 280 masl Hauktjern - about 244 masl Solbergvannet - about 235 masl Round iron - about 225 masl Lutvann - about 205 masl Lutvannsbekken Nøklevann - approximately 163 masl Skraperudbekken to Skraperudtjern - approx. 125 masl Ljanselva Gjersrudbekken from Gjersrudtjern Prinsdalsbekken Lusetjernbekken from Holmlia Outlet to Bunnefjorden by Fiskevollbukta


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