Norwegian records in athletics


July 6, 2022

1This is a list of current Norwegian records in outdoor athletics, for men and women. A note has been added for some of the records, to give the statistics more depth and interest. The lists may be delayed in updating. Results better than the top 100 in the world through all time are noted with ranking below note.

Men - outdoors

Records in pole vault apply as a Norwegian record, regardless of whether it has been jumped in or out. Best listing, official records are not kept In 1985, the specifications for the men's javelin were changed, with the center of gravity being moved 4 cm forward. Before this change, Terje Pedersen had the Norwegian record of 91.72 meters, set on September 2, 1964, at Bislett Stadium in Oslo, Norway.

Women - outdoors

The specifications for the women's javelin were changed on 1 April 1999, by moving the center of gravity 3 cm forward. Before this change, Trine Solberg Hattestad had the world record of 72.12 m, set at Bislett Stadium, in Oslo on July 10, 1993.

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