Olav Trondsson


December 8, 2021

Olav Trondsson (born about 1405, died 25 November 1474) was a Norwegian archbishop from 1458 to 1474. As self-appointed chairman of the Riksråd, the archbishop of Nidaros had the highest rank in Norway, second only to the King. He was from the Aspa family on Nordmøre. After quarrels with the German Marcellus (bishop of Skálholt, Iceland), who was the pope's candidate, Olav was appointed archbishop on June 7, 1458 and married in February of the following year in Perugia. In 1473 he donated his estate to Nidaros Cathedral for a period of 30 years (see Aspa clan). Olav Trondsson died during a trip to Rome and was buried there in the monastery church of Sant'Agostino. The tombstone has the inscription "CVI DEDERAT SACRAM MERITO NORVEGIA SEDEM HIC TEGIT OLAVI FRIGIDVS OSSA LAPIS", which means: Olav, whom Norway had rightly given the holy chair. Here his legs are laid under this cold stone. In the same church is Sankta Monica buried, mother of the church father Augustin.


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