October 17, 2021

Olinestien is a road in Bergen that runs from Lønborglien and up to Øyjordsveien. When you stand and look up on the path and turn around, you see a bus stop where the 12 bus leaves. The trail begins with a short, steep and rocky hill and eventually becomes a narrow trail. The trail is surrounded by nature, and when you reach the very top of the hill you can see a gravel football field and a few houses. If you walk across the football field and up a small hill, you will see even more houses on the right and a walking path up on the left. Down to the left you also see several houses. Then you have come to Øyjordsveien via Olinestien. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from Lønborglien and up to Øyjordsveien via Olinestien. Olinestien got its name in 1996. One of those who helped decide the name was Jo Gjerstad. The trail is named after the main character Oline, in the most famous book series "Hellemyrsfolket" by Amalie Skram. The reason why Oline got her name at the top of Lønborglien is because it was an old residential area close to where they think Amalie Skram may have been inspired by the Hellemyr people.

Amalie Skram

Amalie Skram was a Norwegian author and is known for being one of the best at writing naturalistic novel books. Most of the books she has written are about women. One of her main works was Hellemyrsfolket, a book series of 4 books. It took her eleven years to finish writing the books, and they were published in the period 1887-1898. The story of Oline Oline and her husband Sjur Gabriel, lived on a farm called Hellemyren a little beyond Bergen. The story of Oline began at the end of the 1820s, when she had been in a little over twelve years of marriage, and had given birth to nine children. In the Hellemyrs people, Oline appears as an evil, cold and vengeful mother. They also point out how her behavior has affected several generations after her. The story lasts through most of the 19th century, and the books about the Hellemyr people were published in 1887-1898.


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