November 28, 2021

A politician (from the Greek police) is a person who actively participates in political decision-making and holds political office. People who have purely administrative positions (as bureaucrats) are not considered politicians. Most often, the term refers to people as political positions as the main source of income ("full-time politician").


According to Max Weber, a good politician should have the following qualities: passion sense of responsibility (sense of responsibility) to be able to distinguish what is important from what is not so important (Augenmaß) According to the former Australian senator Vicki Bourne, the politician must: be modest be comfortable be able to think strategically specialize have clear goals that can be achieved understand the matter be able to listen to the opinion of others could say 'no' in a friendly and respectful way understand their institution win the respect of othersAccording to former US Congressman Lee Hamilton, the politician must: be honest be energetic and have the ability to concentrate be ambitious know how to use the system to achieve results know the limit of their power see oneself in perspective be able to talk to anyone anywhere and be good at communicating be able to find a common platform


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