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December 7, 2021

The Prøysen Prizes, or Alf Prøysen's honorary prizes, are three Norwegian prizes awarded to «highly renowned artists in various genres». The prizes awarded are the Prøysen Prize, the Teskjekjerring Prize and the Alf Prøysen Honorary Prize. Each of the prizes consists of a silver plaque and 25,000 kroner. The awards are given for outstanding efforts in music, poetry and poetry in genres associated with Prøysen. The prizes were established in honor of the poet Alf Prøysen in 1974 through a collaboration between NRK and Sparebankforeningen in Hedmark and Oppland. The two parties constituted Alf Prøysen's Memorial Fund, which was responsible for awarding the prizes. Since 2018, the prizes have been awarded by the organizations Norwegian Association of Composers and Lyricists - NOPA, Norsk Viseforum and Norwegian Children and Youth Book Authors. The jury for 2018 included Frida Ånnevik (jury leader), Trygve Skaug, Linn T. Sunne (from NBU), and Hogne Moe from Prøysenhuset as secretary.


Statutes for Alf Prøysen's Honorary Awards The Prøysen Prize, the Teskjekjerring Prize and the Alf Prøysen Honorary Prize § 1 The prizes have been established in honor of the poet, author and singer Alf Prøysen. In its current form, the prizes are a continuation of Alf Prøysens Minnefond, which was established on the initiative of Hedmark and Oppland Sparebankforening. As of 29.1.96, Libris A / S and NOPA are responsible for financing and awarding the prizes. § 2 The Prøysen Prize is awarded for outstanding efforts in music, poetry or poetry within the genres associated with Alf Prøysen. The prize is awarded to creative or performing artists, or to encourage young talent. The prize can be given to one person or to several who have collaborated on a task. The Teskjekjerring prize is awarded according to the same criteria as mentioned above, but with special emphasis on activities aimed at children. The prizes can also be awarded to groups or institutions. The jury may also decide to award Alf Prøysen's Honorary Award for long and meritorious work within the same areas covered by the other two awards. It is up to the jury to decide whether this prize will be awarded. § 3 The prizes are awarded every year in December. The selection of the prize winners is made by a jury appointed jointly by the boards of NOPA and Libris A / S. The jury constitutes itself.

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1974 - Øyvind Sund 1975 - Andreas Halmrast 1976 - Stig Nilsson 1977 - Nordnorsk Visegruppe 1978 - Henning Sommerro 1979 - Huldrelått 1980 - Ove Røsbak 1981 - Ryfylke Visegruppe 1982 - Arvid Hanssen and Tove Karoline Knutsen 1983 - Lillebjørn Nilsen 1984 - Torill Thorstad Hauger 1985 - Jack Berntsen 1986 - Lars Hauge 1987 - Geirr Lystrup 1988 - Ragnar Olsen 1989 - Margaret Skjelbred 1990 - No distribution 1991 - Lars Klevstrand 1992 - Louis Jacoby 1996 - Kolbein Falkeid and Vamp 1997 - Jan Eggum 1998 - Kari Bremnes 1999 - The Goats Bruse 2000 - Elle Melle 2001 - Guren Hagen 2002 - Kari Iveland 2003 - Riddle 2004 - Odd Nordstoga 2005 - Halvdan Sivertsen 2006 - Lars Lillo-Stenberg 2007 - Anne Grete Preus 2008 - Sigvart Dagsland 2009 - Lars and Ola Bremnes 2010 - Tonje Unstad 2011 - Stein Torleif Bjella 2012 - Tønes 2013 - Siri Nilsen 2015 - Frida Ånnevik 2016 - Josefine Visescene 2017 - Group No. 4 (Witek, Mohn and Christensen) 2018 - Eldar Vågan 2019 - Erlend Ropstad 2020 - Valkyrien Allstars 2021 - Egil Hegerberg alias Bare Egil Band


1974 - Hagen treatment home for nervous children, Ringsaker 1975 - Ragna Ringdal's theater group, Oslo 1976 - Slattum school choir, Nittedal and Lauritz Johnson, Oslo 1977 - Ingeborg Refling Hagen (the prize was later returned) 1978 - Reidun Aune, Trondheim 1979 - Birgit Strøm, Oslo 1980 - Torshov School's Music Corps, Oslo 1981 - Rafael Goldin, Oslo 1982 - Johannes Eckhoff, Oslo 1983 - Kirsten Sand, Tromsø and Arnardo, Oslo 1984 - Anne Lise Grøtvik Lunde 1985 - Jens Bolling, Oslo 1986

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