Presidential elections in France 2022


May 22, 2022

The presidential election in France 2022 was the twelfth election of the President of the Fifth French Republic. The first round was held on April 10, 2022. None of the candidates received more than half of the votes, and a second round will therefore be held on April 24, 2022. In the second round, only the two candidates who received the most votes in the first round, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. Macron won the election with 58.5% of the vote. Turnout in the second round was 71.99%, which was the lowest since 1969.

Candidates and first round

President Emmanuel Macron announced on March 3, 2022 that he would run for re-election as a candidate for the La Republique en Marche party !. Among the contestants were Marine Le Pen from Rassemblement national, Valérie Pécresse from Les Républicains, Éric Zemmour from Reconquête and Jean-Luc Mélenchon from La France Insoumise. 2017. He thus obtained 903,219 more votes in the first round, than the equivalent in 2017. There was 73.7% turnout in the first round.

Second round

Ahead of the second round of elections, the newspaper Le Monde gathered information on what recommendations the rejected candidates gave their voters about who they should vote for.


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