Randselva bridge


August 13, 2022

The Randselva bridge is a road bridge over the Randselva on Europavei 16 in Jevnaker and Ringerike municipalities. The bridge was built as part of the new section of the E16 Olum–Eggemoen and opened on 7 July 2022. The bridge is 634 meters long and has two lanes of motorway standard. The largest span is 194 meters and the bridge has a slight curve and a 2.6% gradient. It is built using the free-forward method. The work began in March 2019 and cost NOK 463 million. It is considered the world's largest construction built without traditional blueprints and it was built using digital models. The bridge crosses over the Roa–Hønefoss line which follows the east side of the river. The Twist and Kistefos Museum's sculpture park are located a little further up by the Randselva. The plant was awarded the international award for best infrastructure project at the "Tekla Global BIM Awards".

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