Roan wind farm


October 17, 2021

Roan wind farm is a wind farm that extends over the mountain areas west and east of Einarsdalen in Åfjord municipality in Trøndelag. It opened in May 2019. The wind farm is the first of several facilities established by Fosen Vind, construction started in April 2016. A total of 70 km of roads were built for access and operation of the facility. A 132 kV power line between Einarsdalen and a transformer station at Gammelseteren in Hofstaddalen connects the wind farm with a new branch of the central grid, which here has a voltage of 420 kV. 71 Vestas V117 turbines of 3.6 MW each have been installed. Rotor diameter 117 meters, tower height 87 meters. Total power is 255.6 MW. Annual production is 884-900 GWh. Until 2021, Roan wind farm was part of Fosen Vind. In March 2021, TrønderEnergi bought several shares in the wind farm, and then owns 51%. Stadtwerke München owns 49%. The Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court unanimously ruled on 11 October 2021 that the rights of the reindeer herding Sami under Article 27 of the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights (SP) had been violated. This means that the license and the expropriation decisions on the development of Storheia and Roan wind turbines were invalid.



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