Runa Bergsmo


December 8, 2021

Runa Bergsmo (born 28 July 1960 in Elverum) is a Norwegian cellist, singer and songwriter. She is married to the photographer Trym Ivar Bergsmo.


Runa Bergsmo was educated in Norway (Oslo) and the Netherlands (Maastricht) under Geir Tore Larsen, Aage Kvalbein, Mirel Jancovici and Radu Aldulescu. She has also immersed herself in baroque cello with i.a. Pavel Serbin and Wieland Kuijken. She worked as a freelancer in most Norwegian orchestras until she was hired as a regional musician in Harstad in 1993. This 100% executive job has given her the opportunity to explore various music genres. She plays everything from baroque via classical music to contemporary music and cross-genre music, in the piano trio Arctimus, duo format (cello, piano), string quartet, tango orchestra, the baroque ensembles Brøstadbotn Baroque Band, Ensemble 415 and Suspiro. Runa Bergsmo wrote her first song, Sad and good, as a 4-year-old. After a long stay, she started writing lyrics and music when she was in her 40s, and is now a renowned author and composer of children's songs. Since 2007, she has played and made concerts for children, alone and in collaboration with others. She writes lyrics, arranges, plays cello and sings. In 2017, Spell Musikk released the CD Du store mamelukk. In October 2020, the album Kræsj i mamelukken was released by the record company Euridice Turn Left. At the same time, she published the book Kræsj i mamelukken, with lyrics and the story Sara's blue world, illustrated by Elisa Rørstad.


SoloalbumCD Du store mamelukk, lyrics, music and arrangement by Runa Bergsmo, released by Spell Musikk, 2016 CD Kræsj i mamelukken, lyrics, music and arrangement by Runa Bergsmo, published by Euridice Turn Left, 2020BokKræsj i mamelukken, ISBN 978-82-691-9160-8, published by Mamelukkforlaget, illustrated by Elisa Rørstad (2020). Contributed CD Sæle Jolekveld with Marianne Beate Kielland, Nils Anders Mortensen, Knut Erik Sundquist, Erika Toth (2012) CD Glød with Lena Jinnegren, Bendik Lund Haanshus, Aleksander Kostopoulos, Åsbjørg Ryeng and others. (2015) CD Dønninger with Sigrun Loe Sparboe (2021)

Performances for children

Participation in Hilmar Sniktrekk with Ola Bremnes (2001) A ring of gold, music workshop for 4-year-olds in kindergartens for a year (2007) A cello playing, kindergarten concerts, idea and script (2007–2008) The Cellophile List, performance on the Book and Culture Bus in Sør-Troms, 1-4. class, idea and script (2009–2013) Sun concerts with Ola Bremnes (annually since 2010) Sammelsurium, collaboration with Longkalsong and Lena Jinnegren (2011) Ku-Konsert, performance at Harstad Kulturskole. Idea, script and music (2011) Cake party, performance for SFO. Idea, script and music (2014) The thinkers, approved by the National Concerts, Program Council Kindergarten. Idea, script and music (2014–2017). Performed i.a. at the Festival in Northern Norway in 2015 Du Store Mamelukk, family concert (2016–2018). Performed i.a. at the festival Cellolyd in Reine and Trondheim Chamber Music Festival Miss Frikadello returns, performance for kindergarten children (2019) Crash in the mamelukken, family concert (2020–2021). Performed i.a. in Harstad Kulturhus, at Prøysenhuset and at the Varanger Festival in 2021

Commissioned work

«We are a gang», at Harstad Kulturskole's 50th anniversary, for choir and band (2013) «Here is my home», at the opening of Halti Kultursenter, Nordreisa, for choir, strings, piano and percussion (2015) "North", composed music for slide shows by Trym Ivar Bergsmo, shown at Reine Kultursenter (Gallery Eva Harr), commissioned by Eva Harr and Ole Tørklep (2020)

Prizes and awards

Harstad Sparebank's Culture Prize (2017) Teskjekjerringprisen 2021


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