SS «United States»


July 5, 2022

SS "United States" (IMO: 5373476) is a US-flagged ocean-going Atlantic ship built in 1952 for United States Lines. She is currently the largest Atlantic ship ever built in the United States and still the fastest Atlantic ship ever built. The SS "United States" originally held the "blue band" speed record for both eastbound and westbound routes (both set during the maiden voyage in July 1952), but in 1990 "Hoverspeed Great Britain" set a new record for the eastbound route. However, the SS "United States" still holds the record for the westbound route with an average speed of 34.51 knots (63.9 km / h). During the test rides in May / June 1952, she achieved speeds of over 38 knots (70 km / h) at 248,000 axle horsepower.


The ship's propulsion was provided by four propellers powered by four Westinghouse double-reduction steam turbines. The steam was produced by eight 1,000 in3 Foster-Wheeler boilers with a working pressure of 6.9 MPa. Normal cruising speed was 32 knots (59 km / h). The ship's height was 175 feet (53.3 m).

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