Sidi Muhammed Old Sheikh Abdullah


August 13, 2022

Sidi Mohamed Ould Cheikh Abdallahi (born 1938 in Alég in Brakna in Mauritania, died 22 November 2020 in Nouakchott) was a Mauritanian politician. He took office as Mauritania's first democratically elected president on 19 April 2007. He was overthrown in a coup d'état on 6 August 2008.

Life and work

Abdallahi studied mathematics, physics and chemistry in Dakar in Senegal and received a diplôme d'Etudes approfondies in economics from Grenoble in France. In 1968, Abdallahi returned to Mauritania. In 1971 he was appointed Minister for Planning and Business Development. During the next seven years, he held a number of positions within the government, including as Prime Minister for the national economy. Abdallahi was involved in the nationalization of iron mines and the introduction of the ouguiya as the country's new currency. Abdallahi was imprisoned until April 1979 as a result of the coup d'état that removed Moktar Ould Daddah from power in July 1978. From 1982 to the end of 1985, Abdallahi lived in Kuwait, where he worked as an adviser to the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. On his return to Mauritania in 1986, Abdallahi was assigned a position in the government of Maaouya Ould Taya Sid'Ahmed. During his administration, Abdallahi was Minister of Energy and Minister of State for Fisheries and Maritime Economy. After a clash with an influential businessman, Abdallahi was replaced on 21 September 1987. From September 1989 to June 2003, Abdallahi lived in Niger, where he worked as an adviser. Abdallahi announced his candidacy for president on 4 July 2006. In the first election round, which was held on 11 March 2007, Abdallahi received 24.80% of the vote and he thus ended up in first place in this election round. During the second election round, he received a total of 52.85% of the vote. Abdallahi thus won 10 of the country's 13 regions, and he took office as president of Mauritania on 19 April 2007. In the early morning of 6 August 2008, Abdallahi was deposed as president in a coup d'état carried out by a group of high-ranking military officers. Several politicians and officials, including the prime minister and interior minister, were also removed from their posts, and Abdallahi was put under house arrest, in a bloodless coup. A military junta took over power in the country.


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