July 6, 2022

Signing is basically a word that is synonymous with "blessing" and refers to a person receiving a blessing. The word originates from an old word that meant the idea of ​​making the sign of the cross over a person. In Norway, the word has been used for two church acts: The altar book of 1920 describes a ritual for ecclesiastical blessing of a bourgeois marriage. The ceremony has no legal effect. This ritual was used during World War II, when priests could not perform marriages. Signing is also the term for a ceremony in which the monarch receives a blessing from the church at the beginning of his reign. King Olav V underwent a signing in Nidaros Cathedral in 1958, and the ceremony was repeated when King Harald V and Queen Sonja were signed at the same place on June 23, 1991. The ceremony is not legalized. days sign women, wise wives and husbands have performed to heal or protect.