Star Wars (Season 9)


December 8, 2021

The ninth season of Stjernekamp premiered on NRK 1 on 29 August 2020. The host of Stjernekamp was Kåre Magnus Bergh. The judging panel consisted of Mona B. Riise, as well as two experts in the genre / genres of the respective episodes. Knut Marius Djupvik won the ninth season of Stjernekamp ahead of Sandra Lyng.


██ The artist went on to the next round. ██ The artist was in danger of breaking out. ██ The artist smoked out of Star Wars.

Week by week

Week 1: Own genre

Guest judges: Maria Mena and Stian «Staysman» Thorbjørnsen

Week 2: Melodi Grand Prix

Guest judges: Hanne Krogh and Kevin Vågenes

Week 3: Country

Guest judges: Kurt Nilsen and Malin Pettersen

Week 4: Opera

Guest judges: Solveig Kringlebotn and Didrik Solli-Tangen

Week 5: Norwegian in Norwegian

Guest judges: Tuva Syvertsen and Christine Dancke

Week 6: Hip hop and eurodance

Guest judges: Maria Lotus Karlsen, Jørgen Nordeng, Thomas Borgvang and Camilla Alvestad

Group performance

Week 7: Big band and musical

Guest judges: Odd René Andersen and Marion Ravn

Week 8: List pop and stadium rock

Guest judges: Andreas «TIX» Haukeland and Ida Maria

Week 9: Disco and duet

Guest judges: Ulrikke Brandstorp and Silya Nymoen

Week 10: Final

Guest reviews: Maria Mena and Bilal Saab The final songs are a new performance of a song from a previous program, a song from their own repertoire and a free song choice.


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