President of the Storting


October 17, 2021

The Speaker of the Storting, often called the Speaker of the Storting, is a Storting representative who has been elected to lead the work in the Storting. The president and five numbered vice presidents make up the Storting's presidency, which draws up the Storting's work plan, sets the agenda, distributes matters and chairs the Storting's meetings. The presidency is elected for one year (one Storting) at a time when the Storting convenes in the autumn. However, it is common in recent times that the same people are elected each of the four years in a parliamentary term. The presidency normally reflects the parties' mutual strength and is usually elected from among the Storting's most experienced representatives, often in their last term (s). The President of the Storting has no special authority under the Constitution. After October 2021, the presidency will consist of Storting President Eva Kristin Hansen (Labor Party), First Vice President Svein Harberg (H), Second Vice President Nils T. Bjørke (Sp), Third Vice President Morten Wold (FrP), Fourth Vice President Sverre Myrli (Labor Party) and Fifth Vice President Ingrid Fiskaa (SV). Although the president has full rights as a parliamentary representative, she often does not participate in daily politics. The President is exempt from being a member of any of the Storting's standing committees. According to the court rules of 1993, the President of the Storting, together with the Prime Minister, the Supreme Court Justice, the Vice President of the Storting and members of the Government, shall go and have a seat (hallway and seat) after the royal family and other royals at official ceremonies and parties at court.


From 2009, the Storting's presidency consists of the President of the Storting and five vice presidents in numerical order. The First Vice President is the Vice President of the Presidency. Until 2009, the presidency consisted of presidents and vice presidents in the Storting, Lagting and Odelsting. The presidents are elected on the basis of section 73 of the Constitution. The election takes place individually as a majority election. The president therefore usually comes from the Storting's largest party, while it is practice that the rest of the presidency is distributed among the parties so that the Storting's composition is more or less reflected in the presidency. Elections take place at the Storting's constitution every autumn, but it is a tradition for the presidents to be re-elected throughout the Storting term. The presidency is almost like a board for the Storting - without the right to make political decisions. It is assisted by the Storting's director. According to the Storting's Rules of Procedure § 4, in addition to the six presidents, a secretary and a deputy secretary are also elected, but these in reality have no significant functions, and the positions are perceived «as a relic of the past». Kirsti Kolle Grøndahl was the first female Storting president from 1993 to 2001. In 2018, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen became the second. In matters that are considered controversial, whether they concern the operation of the Storting or are political matters, the presidency calls in the group leaders of the political parties for consultations. The Storting can also elect an interim president or vice-president from day to day or case to case.


The presidency sets the Storting's agenda. In turn, the presidents chair the meetings of the parliament and in this context propose speaking times and voting rules. The Presidency also has a responsibility to ensure that the Storting's consideration of matters takes place in accordance with constitutional rules, both in plenary and in the committees. In connection with the chairmanship of the meeting, the president also has an unwritten task of ensuring that the representatives dress appropriately in the Storting and that they do not use "unparliamentary language". The chair of the meeting has a double vote in the event of a tie during the Storting's votes, but this rarely has any practical political significance. The President of the Storting (possibly with the assistance of the Vice Presidents) has several representation duties, both ceremonial and as a host of foreign parliamentary delegations visiting. The President of the Storting is exempt from being

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