Swedish Prime Minister


December 8, 2021

The Swedish Prime Minister is the country's head of government and exercises much of the executive power that goes to the king as head of state. The office of Prime Minister of Sweden was introduced in 1876, when the previous offices of Minister of Justice and Minister of Foreign Affairs were merged. Change of government is regulated by the Form of Government, one of Sweden's four constitutions. According to the Form of Government, the Speaker of the Riksdag proposes who will be the new Prime Minister. If the Riksdag approves the proposal, a council is held for the head of state (the king) or the president. In this meeting, which is usually held at the castle, the new government joins, according to the Form of Government, Chapter 6, § 6, formally and effectively (the change of government "owns ... space"). The King of Sweden or the President chairs the meeting. The Speaker will in any case be summoned to the council. Since 1995, the Swedish Prime Minister has had his official residence in the Sagerska House, in central Stockholm. The Prime Minister also has access to the manor Harpsund in Södermanland, which functions as a holiday home. List of Swedish Prime Ministers Living former prime ministers Living former prime ministers



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