May 17, 2022

Benjamin Foss (born January 13, 1998), known as Tappelino, is a Norwegian streamer, social debater and political commentator on YouTube.


The main channel TaPPeliNo has pr. April 2022 over 40,000 subscribers and 5,000,000 plays. He has been described as Norway's most controversial youtuber. Foss's content on YouTube is comedy, satire and serious matters, these can also overlap. After Foss criticized Mia Landsem in a video, he has on three occasions been reported for threats, harassment and ruthless behavior by Landsem. The report led to Foss receiving an order from the police to stop the live broadcast and stay away from all streaming on the internet for 24 hours. In addition, the police seized his computer equipment. The reviews were based on the position of the evidence. In 2019, Foss was mentioned as one of the new generation's TV stars.


Foss is permanently banned from the video streaming platform Twitch. As of April 2022, Foss is active with streaming on the YouTube channel TappeStream. The content he streams is often linked to either news, various popular cultures, influencers and politics. In addition, he streams debates with different participants on different topics. In February 2021, Foss was subjected to spoofing while streaming live on youtube, by someone sending a false bomb threat from his Vipps profile.


In October 2017, Dennis Vareide filed a civil lawsuit for defamation against Foss. The case went to Oslo District Court in January 2018 and had to be held in room 250 due to many spectators present. Foss prosecuted himself and thought it was because he could not afford a defender. Vareide's lawyer was Jon Wessel-Aas. Judge was Kim Heger. Oslo District Court sentenced Foss for defamation to pay reparation of NOK 50,000 in addition to legal costs of NOK 90,000. The court emphasized that there were in no way other legal rules for this type of video or for YouTube or other social media in general and that one could not avoid illegally accusing someone of criminal offenses under the guise of satire.


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